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V updates L


Some updates about my past week.

I finally get to sing!

Have been wanting to sing because i can hardly remember the last time i sang. It was my hobby and frequent activity in the past but i guess i hardly have time for that recently.

I miss my singing bffs. They are none other than the usual clique but they are now married and are busy making babies i reckon.

Maybe we will get to meet soon? Not sure, the meeting has been delayed n more delays.

Anyway, i was a very blessed kid that day, paid the minimal (with all the discounts and all, thanks to W) and get the biggest room. Haha.

I personally prefer Party World than KBox, Partyworld doesnt give you store rooms even if there are only 2 pax (KBox’s rooms are pathetic, too small and are of size of storerooms) and PW even have massagers in the rooms, and the service is also very good.

I havent try the K Suite though and thus i prefer PW if you want to compare the common rooms.


Needless to say, i need to Sing him. 🙂 Oh, you can also listen to the cover HERE.



One more cover HERE

And i cant imagine people actually downloaded my singing. Surprised! HAHA.



Singing wasnt fantastic but dont judge lah, i havent sing for so long and i am not professional yo.


Damn shiok. Singing and massaging. If you mind, clean the feet with wipe tissue or something lah, ntg is perfect, i doubt they washes that cloth?  Not sure.

What else did i do, ok, the usual hang with Gary and Seven, we just chillax mostly now and sit around boozing and goofing.

The couple is leaving SG soon, i wish them a safe journey!

I completed another event at The China Club and i cant be any happier to work with the organizer Mrs Benelli / Chef  Roberto of Garibaldi and also, Pisotorio Foundation.

A little info on Pistorio Foundation:


The Pistorio Foundation, founded in 2005 by Pasquale Pistorio, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the living conditions of underprivileged children in developing countries, by building school and primary health care infrastructure and by sponsoring children’s education, health, and welfare.

Our vision is to send to school 10 000 children every year by the year 2015.

We operate exclusively through a network of volunteers and in close collaboration with rigorously selected local NGOs. All available resources go directly to our projects on location to benefit the children we are supporting.

Currently we have ongoing projects in Burkina Faso, Morocco, (Tibet) China, Thailand, and Cambodia. We are supporting the long-term education of 868 children throughout these countries. We have doubled the size of a primary school in Nibagdo, Burkina, we have built a dormitory at a school campus in Lithang, Tibet (China), a primary school and dormitory in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Currently we are completing construction of a secondary school in the rural area of Nibagdo region.

Our aims are
to acheive maximum transparency and efficiency in the non profit sector, 
to change the lives for the better of as many children and families as we can reach, 
to raise awareness amongst our friends and international community on the current living conditions of children in the developing world,
to raise attention and sensitivize communities towards children’s rights issues and the urgent need for the proper implementation, enforcement and respect of the rights of the child worldwide

The Foundation has no political or religious affiliation.

You may also read more and see visuals HERE.

The Dinner was a success, we had a silent Auction and we managed to help raise funds for Pistorio Foundation too.

The details of the dinner were posted on my blog previously HERE

I learnt that, there are kids all over the world that are deprived of the chances to study,live or even survive & the number of these kids are more than what we can imagine.

What really surprises me is that, with just $8, you can provide 1 backpack for a kid. $8 is only (approx) 1 full meal at Subway!

And at $80, you can provide 1 full year of transportation fee for 1 child. ($80 can last me for only a month!)

I am really not the kindest person ever, you see, i am still quite transparent with my emotions, which might or might not be a good thing.

I still complain and whine abt certain nonsense……ok back to the topic>>>

But, i seriously feel for these kids. And what makes me ache in e heart is, with that little amount of $, i can actually help so much.

$8 is not even the price of a packet of Cigarettes.  During those days which i smoke, I used to smoke 2 packets of Cigs a week and that amount to $20+ already. Imagine how many backpacks i can afford for the kids?

If you are interested in doing your part for these poor kids, please go to the website and read more on this foundation and how you can make your donations. You can be assured that there are no 3rd parties related or associated to this foundation and 100% of your donation will go directly to the projects.

Anyway, the night was really a busy but meaningful one and i am glad i am involved.

My pleasure to have
Mr Mah Bow Tan as 1 of our distinguished guests. He is a very nice and friendly man in real if you ask me.


Ms Sandy, 2004’s Miss Singapore. Very Gorgeous in real.


Guess i do not need to introduce this dude, amazing to have him for e event.
(can sing and play piano spontaneously even though he is just the emcee for e night)59723_10152619230430276_627056625_nMr Hossan Leong


Chef Roberto of Garibaldi Restaurant

Opps, miss out this pic with my sis:


Will b back for more updates!

Till then, God Bless~

Cover Singings

Went Ktv recently (long needed ktv session) and recorded a few clips. Just for Fun and no professional, so please do not judge. 🙂

Click Here: Sammi Cheng’s 终身美丽 Cover by yours truly


Wanted to play this on 1st April to commemorate my favourite. But i cant wait already, perhaps i can do another one ? 😛

Really didnt do my best and i am ashame of it, but did it for my love for this song and the late Leslie.

Click Here: Leslie Cheung’s 我- Cover by yours truly

Watch original here:
Notice the lyrics, i pasted them in my blog previously, it is a very motivating song.

Ayte, gtg, feeling extremely drained but is really worth it, i will update very soon on why!


God bless all~

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