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+ for positive Intro


If you read my blog regularly, you should notice that i talk alot about being Positive in life.

Now, thats what u read of me. If you really know me, you will know that i am not exactly the most positive person you know.

In fact, i am quite negative because i always think that if  i am prepared for the worst, i will not get disappointed if the worst really happen.

I hv been like that since i was young, picturing and anticipating the worst scenarios in anything – academic results, finance, career, r/s, wadever you can think of.

Honestly, part of me still prepare for the worst but i guess i start to change and improve by anticipating & expecting the best too. I am now speaking good into situations and speaking life into situations that seem dead.

Look, is not a bad thing to be prepared for the worst, but, everything needs a balance, you cant just expect the worst or rather, you cant even expect the worst, because preparing for the worst doesnt mean u have to expect it to happen, you just prepare by asking urself what can be done if the worst really happens. While being prepared for the worst, you need to expect the good too! Thats being balanced yo!

Of cos, i used to speak life in certain situations which are meant to be dead. omg. they are so better off dead, i am serious, these few weeks, i was spending time with my mum, buying her a new phone, playing the phone with her, chatting with her, accompanying her, i feel so so happy and i suddenly have a thought of staying single because i can spend all my time with her and wouldnt have to ‘leave’ her so soon (after marriage). Is different when you have to live with your own family and not seeing mum for 24/7

I was reminded  that if i am still in that shit r/s with the ex who abuses me non stop and sleeping with different women, i wouldnt have time for my mum because i was so crazy back then, i would put him as my priority. (i certainly hope he has changed and wont b doing that to the little gal he is dating now, but honestly, is hard for her to find out even if he is doing it nw because he is just so good at hiding. Thank God for showing me though, everything, i really thank God i have God)

I was reminded that if i am stil with him, i cant clean up Uncle Sam’s house, i cant do other volunteery works which i am actively engaging, i cant serve in a ministry, i cant have decent friendships with any guy,  i cant have Happy 3 Frens, i cant concertrate on my work, i cant concertrate when i go church, i cant do alot of things that is.

Ok, is not his fault that i wana stick to him so much back then but try leaving him for a sec, and  the next u will find him in a KTV nightclub. -_-

I was also reminded that if i am still in my previous workplace, i wouldnt be drawing the pay i am drawing now, that salary is just pathetic. I wouldnt be able to learn so much (i learn by doing all the work myself here in my new co. I start everything from scratch as no1 teaches me and i have to actually learn the hard way, get the right contacts myself, find out how things work myself, like organising a wedding workshop which i have never done b4, like designing posters and cards which i used to just conceptualise, but i am now doing it manually!)

There are so many things i will regret if those ‘Dead situations’ come alive. So i look back, i thank God so much for letting the dead be dead.


Well, yes, there are situations that do not need life and r better off dead.

There are also plenty of situations which you need to speak life into it, for example – poor health, failed health?

I will touch more on being positive, how to be positive, how to speak life and anticipate the best in a dying situation, how to let certain dying situations die off and forget about bringing life to it!

Ok, i gtg, will be back soon…

I designed this for my Co’s Xmas! It is not the best ever but i aint designer ok! This was done using Microsoft words, so please! haha. I m proud of myself though. :p (ok i admit, the concept wasnt really mine, i took reference from a few greeting cards i seen)
And, although i am Marketing, i have to be versatile actually and cover the scope of a designer. With all respect to all teh designers in the world, you guys are awesome and i am no where near, but i am doing my best in my work! :p



I look so weird here. haha!

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