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Vdates 3rd and 4th week of May


Wanted to drag this post because it is really quite a dread.

But knowing myself, i will probably not blog if i drag any longer.

This is just an update for last week (was it? ok it is) and this week lah. save time. hahah.

Cant wait for this week to be over as i am running dry and i need my pay day!

Last week, my pals and i celebrated Regine’s bday on Fri night. It was a working day and everyone was tired.

But i guess we had fun.

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I thank God that Ricky was there, managed to ask him about some stuff i desperately need to know.

So all of us had Jpot for dinner, and we went over to Sentosa for some unusual ‘Fun’.

Discarding the usual idea of drinking, singing or clubbing, we proceeded to chill by the beach.

Best wishes to my bday gal Regine.

On Sunday, i met gf for brunch and we went swimming after that. It was our 1st time swimming together.


The food looks good but it was actually just alright. I like the concept of the place though, is very suitable for people like us that likes to sit, chill, chat and noms.
Price of food is abit steep and the location is not very accessible unless you are driving.

Check out Garden Slug.

Gf came over sometime last week to have dinner and my Mum cooked so much food. The above pic was not taken then but Mum was cooking similar food that day except that there was Battered Prawns (i am hungry again, is 5pm)

Anw, Swimming was fun and tiring, i always love swimming. Hope i can go over often to swim!

During the weekend, i went over to Grannys and spent time with Granny, Aunt and Mum. Granny stays at Kallang Airport an needless to say, the food over  there (Old Airport Road) is beyond description. We bought so much to share among oursleves.



The following week (which is this week) was really tough as Mum sprained her knee and till date, we do not know what is exactly wrong with her knee and we are waiting for MRI scan. Sis and i were with poor Mum at the hospital and she looked scared and sad because of the fall.
The medical bills are choking up too but still manageable. Thank God.

Like what i mentioned earlier on, i thank God for what happened because who knows what worse things might have happened.

Nevertheless, Mum is recovering well and i pray that she will recover completely soon.

Would also like to thank Gary for holding a very fun and interesting Health Talk for my members – work.


The participants were totally amused and entertained, (you know how boring some health talk and workshops can be).

Man, he is really good at what he does.

After the workshop, we went for dinner at ChinaTown and Seven brought us to have Sichuan food. It was my 1st time eating Sichuan food and although it tastes weird, i am quite ok with it and i quite like it. Went to chill after that and i went home early because i was sleepy.





I am very happy because tomorrow is PH (public holiday) and that means i can watch movies till morning. HAHAHA.

Nah, i will have to do stuffs tomorrow, Gym, packing my room, visiting aunt and accompanying Mum. Speaking of which, i think i better msg my aunt now, she had a day surgery and was wondering how is she.

I will be enjoying my long weekend and i will end here. Till next post, God bless~

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