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Happy Valentines 2013 (edited and updated)

Happy Loves Day!

Cliche as it sounds, everyday is Valentines if you are with the right person.

I was once pampered by flowers and expensive gifts on Vday.

Needless to say, it was happiness. But i was wrong. Because you wouldnt wana noe what happen on the rest of the days.

Thank God is over and for Vday this time round, i thank God i do not have to be happy only on 1 day and cry for the rest of the days.

Happy Valentines to the lovebirds out there, to my family, to my frens, Gary and 7, and those whom i love (and love me) !







They are lovely. Thank you.
I mean, they are still pretty despite –

(15th Feb ’13)

So, how was your Vday? Hope you had a great one ya. I am sneezing non stop now and i am praying that i am not falling sick!
Church service tmr and i cant wait, i seriously cant wait 🙂

The recent tv programmes have been talking about Zodiac signs and i was told that it is a very bad year for Ox this year, in terms of Career, Health, Wealth or R/s.
It is damn funny la, the person who talk about it was a famous Fengshui Master and he is not only famous for Fengshui but recently, he made it to the headlines for not only 1 day but 2 days of adultery and scandalous case.
So…m i suppose to believe this guy or wad?

But, him aside, the other Fengshui Masters also said that it is a bad year for OX (my Zodiac sign is Ox, yah go and work out how old am i. haha)

I have to admit, i feel alittle disappointed because i have alot of wishes and desires, and new plans this year.
Then, after just a few seconds, i ‘woke up’ and wanted to slap myself hard. I mean…no offence to anybody, but how can my life be controlled by any human’s talking?

Surely, i can control my own life. I can work it out, to be better or worse. Surely, there is a God that control my life and i do not believe just because i am born in certain year (that makes me a certain Zodiac Sign), i am ‘fated’ to be in good or bad luck the entire year.
Who else shares the same Zodiac as me? I have no idea, maybe a million, billion or zillion of people.

I am not going into religion now, i am just making a neutral stand. All these crap talks that acts as entertainment, might have various effects on us human leh. I think audiences have to be educated to take all these ‘info’ with a pinch of salt.
Being a staunch Christian, even i (nearly) got fooled into it,  i remember that i was thinking this to myself even “Omg. Thats it, my major plan with Sis is gona be put off. I will lose money. Thats it.”

Omg. Feel like slapping myself again.

Well, you know how well media and entertainment works. It really drills into you if you are not careful with it.

Anyway, thats just my random ramblings. I am feeling damn sleepy and i have to jog tonight. OMG – should i take a nap and then go jog in the midnight? I am so  tired!!! Feel like swimming again. Its been sometime but i hate public swimming pools and i dont stay in a condo. So. Hmm…

Friends with swimming pools! Anyone?

This is another random mention. But check this out:


Funny or what? The person searched for “Happy Valencia’s Day” on 14th Feb- Valentines Day.

Just fyi, WordPress has this Statistic thingy which you can see how many views you have, “who” (from which country) clicked into your blog, and what keywords did the people search (on Google, on Yahoo and other Search Engines) and eventually land on your blog.

Why so funny and weird 1 huh? Who r u? Why you search such thing? Why you search such thing on Valentines Day?
You love me so much meh? HAHAHA

I was quite amused when i see this because i didnt thought of Vday as Valencia Day. AHAH. Whoever you are, please pm me, babe or dude, i think i wana know you. SERIOUS! You so funny la, and innovative. Thanks for labeling 14th Feb as Valencia Day. I will remember FOR LIFE. hahaha.

But again, it might be for another Valencia. There are so many Valencia-s on earth. Haha.

Ok, time for the mandatory picture to give thanks to the sender. Thank you for the flowers, they are not the usual ones i always get, roses, lilies…wadever. And is very CNY feel cos is very red. haha. But you know, i dont think it is appropriate for me to mention names, so you know i am thanking you lah. And you do mean more than the flowers. I cherish our friendship as much as you do. 🙂

To Friendship!


p/s: i never know and i will never know someone like you ever again. Because nobody loves Nokia phones like you do. SERIOUSLY -_-. ahhahaha

Also to those that invited me for dinner or hang outs, sorry but i am really not in the condition to date now. Not flaunting  here, but i dont feel comfy and i think i ought to apologise, for the long delayed dinner dates.
(and when i say ‘those’, it is not like ALOT of ppl la. It is that few friends)

Alright. Eyes closing.

Till the next post, God Bless.


Valliez Lesley

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