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Positive God Positive You

There is a way to be happy in life. I cant promise abundant joy but it definitely cut away disappointments and sadness that situations or human beings might cause you.

It is, to mind your own business. Yes, do not be bothered or care about that hopeless situation, cut that disappointment away from your life.
Saw that Facebook status posted by someone that will affect you? Block it, Hide it, whatever you can to not see it.

I am actually doing all the above now, i hope it works. It actually will work.

Here is one sermon i enjoyed very much before i went to sleep last night, to bless you guys, here is the link:

You might also wana download an awesome app call Daily Bible on your Iphones, androids.

I Love this app, besides giving you various verses for the day, Devotion reading plan, they have various podcast and the above sermon is actually 1 of them. My personal fav preacher is Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen.

Here is a few snapshots of the app:

This is the main page of the app, showing the verse of the day, you may also share in your fb or twitter, your fav verse.

 This is your Devotion page, which you can find various podcast by various teachers, preachers.

Select the message and get connected, then it will play! Enjoy the word of God!

I realise that i really need the message of God very much. It is definitely rejuvenating for me as i often feel i am lacking. While church service is only once a week, cell group is also once a week, i cant possibly be singing to God 24/7, nor do i do humanitarian works 24/7, time passes by in my busy schedule and honestly, i am tired, sometimes grumpy, not much ways to feel joy.My friend Mindy was telling me that it is good to hunger for God, to yearn for Him. It is a blessing.

Sometimes, I feel so tired and upset over ntg, because my life was in a medicore state. The  “barely get by, nothing worth to be sad over, yet nothing seems to be happy about days” are really tiring.  I could not find joy in any area other than talking to my family and spending time in helping others in need.
Whenever i am alone, i start to feel empty again. These messages keep in inline with God’s words and refreshes my mind while i am really too lazy to read the bible at times.

I guess the best way for me, is still listening to sermons. They are encouraging and they remind me how much Jesus love me, no matter how lonely i feel or how helpless i feel. I somehow feel that i shouldnt be reminded because the Holy Spirit lives in me, why should i be reminded then?

But it really helps alot when someone anointed reminded you gently about God’s love. Especially for those that needs Him so much, especially for those that has bitterness in them who really need to get back to God again.

(having said that, i encourage you to read the bible as i am also trying hard to, tip: if you cant read the bible as you feel it is too dry, like hw i feel, try picking up some spiritual books – i am currently reading Heaven is For Real. I find it helpful because from  the book, i can actually find various verses, and ideas on how to get better understanding from the bible, better understanding on how to read from the bible)

Last week, I was listening to Joel Osteen’s Your life is Framed.

When i first saw the word “framed”, nope, i didnt feel negative like what most people feel (Framed, mostly used when you are maligned, somebody kinda put the blame on you intentionally).

I just feel that the word told me that my destiny is already framed up by my beloved God. I do not need to worry about having or not having certain things. They will eventually be given by my Father God. Jesus love me from the start and till the end. He is my author of my life. He brings right people, open right doors for me, though yes, He allowed the wrongs to happen too (to mould and strengthen me), but eventually, He is doing good for me. Why should i feel empty or sad when i can actually prepare myself for a good day, for a challenges ahead?

It is a good sermon, Pastor Joel never fails to speak to my soul and he is so gentle.

It is not easy to stay positive all the time, mental and physical stress is actually taking its toll on me. I promise. Especially recently, i keep seeing things i rather not see, i rather not have any news about this friend because i am so disappointed and kinda hurt by this friend. Yet, because of the little demonic FB, i keep seeing the friend’s updates. I get tired easily recently too, and i realise age is catching up on me, i went to a club on Saturday and went shopping on Sunday, on the following Monday, my legs cant move at all and was in great pain. 😦
I am getting less contended and more grumpy about anything that might upset me.

Though Jesus never say that we should not feel sad, but neither should we keep being emo because we are supposed to have joy through Christ not through situation or human.

To stay happy, there are various ways, 1 of which, is to speak good (yes, even if you dont feel like it). So from today, imma speaking Good.  Are you gonna do the same? 😀

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