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Vdates End Jul ’13


It has been sometime since the last update. As i get busier, i tend to forget most of what happened. Thus Vdates are gradually full of pictures.

I am back to work today after taking off for yesterday. Cant help feeling extremely Tired and Sleepy.

In fact, i am dozing off while typing this. Had fun during the Staycation with my Family for Mum’s Birthie (more on that again) and now, i m missing every moment of it, even the bickering sessions. Oh God, bring me back to 2 days ago. 😦

Alright, that is so not happening, thus i will start and end briefly on the updates.

Went to the famous E-commerce shop MDS collections’ physical shop last week at Raffles Chevron to collect 1 of the tops i bought.
It was the Orange top that i posted for sale previously, it is sold already anyway.

Frankly, i always have the impression that MDS is making it big and all but i did not particularly like shopping with them since sometime back. Firstly, i have to admit that the pricing does not really justify the quality. No offence but there are many other shops selling nicer items, of nicer quality out there. Even if is not nicer, there are definitely items that can be compared.

mdslogosquared_2Image credits :

However, i wouldnt mind to shop with them once in a blue moon if only the attitude and services of their staff is better and nicer than what i experienced recently.

I knew all along that their service is not extremely good but i brushed myself off and told myself that it is ok as long as i get what i wanted.
But the last experience i had last week at Raffles Chevron convinced me otherwise.

Well, i am not here to judge nor to sabotage anybody or any shop. If you read this blog regularly, you would have known that i like to share my experiences. Whether it is a simple skincare review or a hair cut experience, i will share the good and bad.

Also, i will make no reservations in sharing my Personal views/opinions and experiences with all Honesty. For eg. I wouldnt filter any pictures in my skincare reviews because i always believe that a real and sincere review does not requires that though many others prefer looking at fake pictures with cutesy stickers.

Thus after all the justification i made for myself, i am writing how dissatisfied i am towards MDS collections. Yes i know that the shop is making it big, if not they wouldnt have physical shops besides their e-commerce shop. Of course , i am also aware that they have been around for sometime.

However, what irks me is how arrogant the brand starts to get, after they make it big.

I couldnt really remember the incidents in the past and thus i am letting it go. I will just mention the last experience from last week.
The moment i entered the shop, there was no greeting of any sort but i am fine because i aint a sucker for such attention. It is also fine that the sales person allow us to wander around on our own as i prefer that to the frustrating aggressive promoters.

I guess what really frustrated me was  during my payment for my item. I took out my receipt to collect my item, as i made payment online previously.
I was being the usual me, saying Hi with a smile and i told the lady at the cashier that i am making my collection.

She did not even look at me and she took the receipt from me. She then signaled to her colleague and her colleague came over and searched for my item in their cupboard. To be honest, i was already pissed at that because the very basic of a business is courtesy and well mannered service and that includes eye contact and a simple Hi.

However, there was Zero interaction, no smiles and no greetings from the MDS staff.

Thereafter, the colleague threw my bag of item on the table and walked off. I signed to acknowledged the item and throughout the whole procedure, there was nothing said. After collecting the item, i said  Thanks and was expecting at least a nod.

And you probably knew what happened, both ladies working in the shop turned their back towards me and there wasnt even a simple “THANKS”

INSTEAD, as a customer, i have to thank them for attending to me. 

Honestly, this turned me off big time, but I thought it was because i was wearing like crap that day and thus the hostile treatment.
Because as you might already knew, if you wear like crap and you try entering big names like “CHAN**”, “PRAD*” or” LOUIS Something” in places like HK or even here in SG, you might be despised and the sales person might not entertain you nor serve you.

I thought that is really bad because good service is simply NOT like that.  But anyway, we are talking about MDS here, a local home grown successful brand, that has yet to become another Chanel.

Thus i hang around for awhile more to observe if  the arrogant sales persons entertain the other ladies who were better dressed. To my dismay, NOPE. They were not being served. Even the ones paying at the counter experienced what i experienced. Well, i am not sure about others, maybe there are people who are not as anal as i am when it comes to service, thus they are fine but for myself, i do not compromise to such quality of service.

There are countless e-commerce shops in Sg and overseas. There are bigger names around that provides excellent services. Frankly, i used  to shop with Love Bonito before they were so big, before they are known as Love Bonito. They were Bonito Chico previously and i used to shop with them frequently back then. The pricing were more justifiable back then but as they revamped and all, i personally find  that their designs changed (more common and less attractive) and the quality of their clothes are not as good as what was raved about by many many people. Thus i really do not find it as worthwhile to get apparels from them now. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

However, i still buy a few items from them now and then because honestly, there are still nice stuff to look at, their service has never drop despite anything. Their services and attitude towards customers are still comparable to the past which they first started and that is really a relief to consumers like us.

Look, i am not a stuck up princess that needs alot of TLC when it comes to shopping. I basically just hope for the basic needs of manners to be met. I have zero tolerance for bad service because for every cent i pay, i am paying not only for the item  but also the services. It is also very disgusting to encounter rude services from big names that are giving hostile services now after they have gained the fame and ‘status’.

Thus after saying so much, i regrettably confirmed that i will never shop with MDS collections again.

I honestly forgot about the previous incidents, if i am not wrong, it should be some email inquiries i made which were replied in unfriendly manners previously. However, for this incident, even if anyone were to argue that it is not fair to judge since it is only a one time event, i am still not gonna visit the shop again. I think that if 1 out of 2 sales persons in the shop  is rude, we can excuse the fact that every1 has bad mood now and then. But no, if the entire shop is ill mannered, it has something to do with its management. Its management has to make sure that their staff are properly trained because these people represent their Brand and  they are the most important people as they are the front line warriors, making interactions and building r/s with customers.

Of course, having said that, they might not be bothered as only 1 customer made such statements now (assuming there isnt anymore anal feedbacks other than me)
But i dont really care what action they will (or will not) take because i have said my piece and made a decision anyway.

This post is still on my updates but since i mentioned about shopping, might as well just include this part.

And so, i sold the top i got anyway because it didnt fit my chest at all. Terrible. I actually like the top very much but too bad, it didnt fit me.

Went to get brows threading done with my baby Sis on Fri and we both love our new brows now!  Not particularly in love with the Thick Korean brows but we wanted something more natural and of course, the straighter ones. We are satisfied and thank you Strip for the good services!

IMG_20130719_200924Brows before- Not too bad, but can be better!
Picture taken 2 weeks back? Treated Sis n Mum to Dinner for my humble pay increment. 

74044_10153029324505276_584360655_nAfter, i think looks better but barely noticeable though 😡

Visited gf on Sat with buns from  Barcook (that famous bakery and i will probably review on it soon because they have really nice buns!) Finally, i get to play with the babies. Oh man, i miss them already!

IMG_20130728_1That is Toro baby. 

Our lunch, fol.

Then I hang around and we watched some lame shows, went to get Ramly burger for dinner at Paya Lebar and then i head home to watch movie with Mum.
The next day, we went for our staycation and that will come in my next post.

IMG_20130728_13I love this picture so much! Big Thanks to gf and Chris for helping us so much, and thank you so much for the marvelous Fruit tart!


IMG_20130730_11Noshii sweetie!













IMG_20130730_12My Fav, Miko

Please check out their vid on my Insta!


IMG_20130721_185819Went to Dr Robi‘s session at Heart of God Church.
My 1st time to the church, It is relatively smaller than CHC and the members are younger.
However, as much as i am not used to it, the presence of God is strong.
Praise the Lord!
It was a wonderful experience and thank you HOG for inviting Dr Robi.

Find out more about Dr Robi HERE. He is awesome and you will love all his messages!

999076_518546634880762_832431974_nActually, there will always be people around you that do not believe in you.

This morning, my friend was asking me why is it that i appear slimmer in a pic and from the tone,
i can tell it is a doubt and not a question.
To be honest, i replied my friend and also would love to say, i did not edit the picture.
I lost some flabs because i have been working hard in the Gym.
Moreover, that picture was really taken in a better angle.

Sometimes, people doubt you because they themselves can never put in effort in doing what you are doing.
Thus it makes them feel better by doubting you and putting you down, in the hope that your are really like them.

You do not have to care about  those doubts, you know you are not like what they make you to be.
For me, i just know it.
I know my efforts are not wasted.




Mum and Sis cooked Laksa and it taste wonderful. 
Really blessed! 😛


IMG_20130724_1957131 of the pictures i took and i like very much.
During my break after 30mins on the cycle machine. 

Alright, for now, i pray for you guys (and myslf) a good week ahead!
Below are some of my loves, i am playing them on repeat mode now.

Ok, as you can see, they are soundtracks of Wong Kar Wai’s Days of being Wild and Happy Together. 
My fav movies, and thus my fav OTs!


IMG_20130722_204627I like this picture #LeslieCheung

Vdates – Jul (2)


I am back for July’s Vdates and once again, there isnt much to update this time as well. HAHA. Please dont kill me.

I have been staying home, feeling unwell, or gym-ming away. I guess you wouldnt be very interested in the boring routine life of mine either. Sob.

Ok, despite the fact that even i m bored by my own life, i am actually loving it too. ~.~

But honestly, what do you expect from me right, lol.
I am just another “rather-chill-than-party person” now.

Well, I had my fair share of fun, i partied like nobody’s business for 7days a week, i drank like a  fish, i did all the ‘cool things’ that youngsters usually do (except for drugs, and drugs was never cool to me), i flooded my blog with ‘happening’ pictures in the past, i wrote about nonsense bitchy stuffs and all..and i reckon those are more interesting topics to more people thou. LOL

But those were the Days.

And For now, it is just gonna be me and my comfy life, boring and routine to most people.
But i promise that the things i do, food i eat, places i go are practical and they are mostly needs than wants (though sometimes, you will see indulgences also lah)
I promise the things that i share here, are factual and reviews of any sorts are reliable.

*sounds like pledge taking :/

Guess that is the only thing i can offer to my small group of readers.


working out. resting and got bored, thus took a pic of how tired i look, after 30mins on the cycling machine.

So, July was ok, we are here, mid July and i cant help but say again, HOW TIME  FLIES.
Although i am not particularly anxious about August, i am looking forward  to Mummy’s bday celebration (which is in late Jul and Aug)

Mum is starting work soon, after resting at home for months for her knee. I actually like Mum to rest at home and i dislike the fact that she has to wake up so early to wrk. But she prefers working as she feels bored at home.
I guess i will miss chatting with her over  my lunch break.


After Church on Sat, went to Granny’s

Sis spread the virus to me and i was coughing like mad, caught fever too. 😦
Thus i was feeling lethargic all the time these weeks and it definitely affected my workout too. Sadness.
Infact, i was so giddy yesterday when i hit the gym and i am still coughing away now.

Oh, to make things worse, my eyes are still full of holes. Maybe i mentioned but just let me say it again, if you wear contact lenses, please note the following NOs. I know these points are  repeated but i have to do it again, because i know how sucky it is nw…if only i didnt ignore all these points back then…

1) Do NOT swim with your contact lenses on. Even if you cant see in the water. I hope i do not need to explain this. I did it because i was lazy and i want to see clearly in the water. But if you are not really stupid, you would know that the water is extremely dirty ar?

2) Do Not wear expired lenses. Even if it is just one day after the expiry date.

3) Please do NOT wear your lenses to sleep, please do NOT wear them to showers too.

Ok, there should be more points to taking care of eyes. However, i listed the 3 above because i made the mistakes and ended up with freaking holes in my eyes now. Tons of holes, according  to the doc.

I deeply regretted  for my negligence. Too late, i can only wait for the  eyes to heal.

One more advice:

Wear Daily lenses even if it is much costly to. (just an advice from doc)
It is hassle free,  you throw them at the end of the day aft wearing.
You do not need to worry if you clean the lenses properly for daily lenses.

Alright, anyway, i went to do my hair AGAIN. I realise i have been spending abit too much on my hair lately. Went to Joe’s with GF and soft rebonded  the ‘Lioness Hair’.

I am happy with the result because i cant stand seeing the awkward curls everyday when i wake up. Trust me, it was EXTREMELY frustrating.

But before i move on to show some pictures (of my hair), let me just mention this crappy hair salon that GF and i passed by, before we made our way to Joe’s.

GF and i were at Marine Parade and we alighted at the bustop right infront of this crappy cheena hair salon. I shall post a pic of the place. It is right beside OCBC bank.


There were 3 Mandarin speaking women (2 of them are from China) standing outside the salon giving out flyers and pulling customers into the shop.
I told GF that i do not trust such shops and i was right, i should have insisted of walking away.

But GF wanted to try out some services there and thus we stopped and listened. The woman was telling me that rebonding cost ard $49 and i told her i want to do soft rebonding as it is more natural. She told me that she is charging me $79 and i was like “u sure?”

The convo goes like that:

I: That is below the usual market price isnt it. What products u guys using?

She: Shiseido and Loreal

I: You sure?

She: yesyes! Come in.

Since GF is planning to do something there, we went in. Out of impulse, i just said ok to them and was hoping that they dont screw up my hair.

GF went upstairs to do her whatever, and i went to rinse my head.

Then, the dude who was washing my head was telling me about the soft bonding, with an accent.
I can hardly understand what he is talking about and he cant understand me.
I tried my best to convey the msg in mandarin but he just couldnt understand me.
Thus i have to speak in English and worse, he dont even understand a word.

I was frustrated and he  got his Manager, and ANOTHER China gal over to speak to me and honestly, tt feeling sucks.
I felt very intimidated and they started pushing me some services and treatments and in the end, they started quoting prices to me.

I was lik “look, i came in with my gf, and i wanted to do my soft bonding here only because my gf is inside here and your price is reasonable. I already made a booking elsewhere and because it is more expensive there, i tot of trying it here. But you dont quote different prices to me before and after i enter the shop and expect me to take the expensive package?!”

Then, this is EPIC:

China Manager:  I already gave u the maximum discount for your hair length, what else do u want?

I: hello? i want ntg?! i did not want this service in the 1st place, you were the one pushing it to me. why would i want any discount if i didnt even ask for tis service??!!

China Manager: Do u know of this service or not, if not, why cant u try?

I:  y should i try? I dont want. I do not want to spend that X amount of money. I do not want to.

China Manager: So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?
*and she shoved the  bloody calculator in my face while they are rinsing my hair.

I got terribly angry by then. It is pure rudeness.

To be honest, if i was not FORCED and treated with such rudeness, i would have consider.

But right after that sentence of “So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?”


It is  SCAM to me.

I didnt bother to argue as i was really boiling and anymore debates will lead to terrible quarrels which i deemed unnecessary. I do not need her to teach me how to use my money and what service or treatment i should do. I can understand the rational behind bosses, they are eager to share their products and services to their customers, they want to earn more, FINE. I am fine.

I went to look for gf as she has started with her treatment and i waited for her for ard 30mins. The China manager was no where to be seen and her staff was super pissed at me for saying no repeatedly.
They were so desperate that they have to keep asking me to do the cheaper treatment.
I was lik “NO. I do not want to do anything here, i am not spending here.”

Not to say $200+, i am determined, i am not spending there, not even $2.

Frankly, i pay for services most of the time, if i were to pay for something that doesnt pleases me (for eg. Food), at least the service makes up for it. As for this crazy pushy China Shop, dont even think about it.

This will be the (first) and the last time i will ever stop to listen to these desperate sales talks made by desperate ignorant people. This shop especially. Even if you are offering me a free haircut, i will still say NO.

Ok, i am done with my whining. I just want to add, i should not have neglected the fact that the staff in this salon look really bad, they do not even have decent hairstyles to begin with. I must b blind and crazy to even want to attempt soft rebonding there.
I am thankful  i did not take the risk.

So, i went to Joe’s eventually and got my soft rebonding done.
Now, i am happy. It is not 100% straight (due to my damaged bleached purple highlights i did previously) and i guess i am fine with that as i wanted a more natural effect.

I guess i will always return to Joe’s because we are like friends already. It was only my 2nd time there and we can feel at ease with each other.



The above 2 photos reflected how curly my hair was before the soft rebonding. I cant say i hate it, but they can look terrible at times.

IMG_20130716_2Ok, i have only this photo (and the 1st photo of this blogpost) to show as of now but dont worry, i will take more to show the next time round.  This is the final result of the soft rebonding. I personally like it alot. I look neater.

Look, this is service.

I was just saying that i am having headache, Joy (Joe’s employee) would rush to get Panadols for me. They really go the extra mile.
Given the fact they are not your usual atas salon and not located along Orchard road but in a humble neighborhood shopping plaza.

After the hair is done, GF and i went over to Parkway Parade to get dinner. She went over to my place and we had dinner while chatting with Mum. Sis went to some prom night thingy.

GF went home shortly and i began rolling on my bed, trying to fall asleep.
For hours, i could not sleep and i was feeling really peckish. It was not till 3+ in the morning, that i managed to catch some sleep.

Poor me.

So, here i am, having headaches and all. I have a meeting later in the evening and i cant wait for it to be over as i have to rush home for dinner. Mum is cooking sumptuous dinner tonight!

Ok, i gota go. Let the images take over, they shall explain hw i spent my week.

Till my next post, God bless!

I LOVE AND I MAJOR LOVE THIS SONG… Nouvelle Vague – In a Manner of Speaking
The images in this clip are screenshots of In the mood for Love by Tony Leung and Maggie  Cheung.
I love Wong Kar Wai’s films. not all but most of them.
Every WKW film is like an artpiece , pretty and edgy, yet there is a subtle meaning waiting to be discovered in the stories.

If you are not a fan, you can play the clip below instead, same song though! ❤ the song

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