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So life has been hectic for me but i am not complaining. However, that also means that you will see less of my posts.

Gosh, i have so many backdated posts and i am so running out of time. ūüė¶

But anyway, i have a review today which i reckon most of you ladies will be very keen and interested.

biore_micellar_cleansing_waterPhoto credits: Guardian

I received the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water and was really excited to try. Look, every lady is constantly looking for the best makeup remover.
However, everyone defines ‘best’ in different ways, some like it non alcoholic, some like it oil based, some like it to be more convenient – like a wipe or something.

Previously, Biore has this Oil based Cotton Facial Sheets and i thought that was quite good. It  cleans off (make up) quite quickly and effectively in my opinion.

I wouldnt say Biore produces the best make up remover products but i believe they are constantly R&D-ing till they are among the top brands that have the most ranges of make up remover products for consumers.

Anyway, i am not a fan of oil based make up remover. I hate the greasy feeling, i hate  that removing make up has to be oily and makes my face feel like a piece of roti prata. That is also why i did not bother to remove my make up and simply just cleanse my face using normal cleanser.

When i receive the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, i am quite hopeful that it will work as well as the Cotton Facial Sheets.

Firstly, let me just go through the mandatory introduction to this product:

Biore, the No. 1 Makeup Remover brand in Singapore and Japan, has recently expanded its makeup remover selection through the launch of the New Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, a water-based Makeup Remover that has high cleansing abilities yet gentle enough for all skin types.  

Using Watery Micellar Technology, this lightweight and refreshing makeup remover lifts off more traces of makeup in just 1 wipe, including mascara and eyeliner.  Made with Natural Mineral Water from the Japanese Alps, it is gentle on skin and leaves a refreshing, non-sticky and non-oily after feel on skin.  

 РOil free

– Fragrance free

РAlcohol free 

– Colorant free

– Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)

РAllergy and opthalmologst tested  

Photo is not filtered nor edited

Make up i had on my face :  Eyebrow drawn, Dark Brown Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Highlight and shadowing on my nose, lipstick
There isnt any mascara as i am having eyelash extension

Below shows you the results of mine, after cleaning with the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water
IMG_20140921_2Full make up on.


Directions are quite straightforward:

Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad. Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe off makeup. No rinsing required. For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping off. Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is cleaned.

I cleaned my left side (your right) to show the  comparison. Eyebrow was previously drawn was wiped away, highlights and shadows on the nose gone, brown eyeshadow is gone too. Lipstick remains thou.

For clearer comparison.

IMG_20140921_898% of the make up removed. Small amount of lip stains still  visible as you can see.

Overall, i will rate this product a 8.5/10 firstly because it is very convenient. Thou it did not manage to remove my lip stains completely, it is still considered quite good when it comes to removing the rest of the make up. As i am having eyelash extension on, this product is a perfect match for me. As oil based make up remover is a big NONO for ladies with eye lash extension, this cleansing water is the ideal make up remover.

The cleansing water does not leave any greasy or sticky texture after cleansing (claps claps!), I felt refreshed after removing all the makeup.
But i would prefer  double cleansing  although the cleansing water serves a second function as normal cleansing.

I personally love this product just because it is not oil based and it is good news for my eye lashes (haha) and i will continue using it till i find a better and more affordable price.

Retailing: S$18.90
Available: All pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, major departmental stores from 15 August 


Hi all!

LOVEIGE is back with their Pre Fall Wondrous Collection and there are much more designs to choose from! Ranging from Monochrome to colorful prints, casual off duty must haves to elegant bridesmaid dresses and of course, beautiful floral prints that never go out of style!


Another more rewarding fact is that, you enjoy FREE SHIPPING (normal postage) if you are on their mailing list!
(Discount code for Free Shipping in in their Email to you, look out for it!)

newarrival34 launching newarrival3

Like the previous launch, if you spend $50 and above, you are entitled for 1 X complimentary Manicure and Pedicure treatment by Prettify Me The Nail  Therapy that is located at the heart of Orchard Road, The Concorde Hotel.

Only applicable to the first 3 customers*



There will also be giveaway contests in their Facebook and Instagram, hurry and add them up to enjoy perks and stand to win giveaways!

Ok, enough of typing, more pictures for you ladies!




The Mythical Elegance series, suitable for bridesmaids/wedding/ dates and even work if you decide to wear it boat neck style!




I super love this dress and i own 1 too. I wore it to work with a jacket over, and after work, i just have to take off the outer piece and i receive praises from the BF and friends!


This Crop  top is my favorite piece now. Neither too short not long. Absolute perfect for casual and work. 
It is made of Tweed material, very special indeed! 

This is my favorite dress to work, i can eat almost anything and still be chilled about it due to its cutting!
Not forgetting the trumpet details, oh so lovely! ūüėÄ

This piece of Crop top is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
Definitely a head turner. Whether at work or a date!

It is a pity i can’t fit to it, if not, i will definitely wear it to death! haha.
Suitable for smaller frames.


This is 1 pair of Chunky Heels which i wear to work almost everyday. 
Not only it is comfy to walk in, it is also the current trend now.
And who would have imagined the affordable price of this lovely pair? 
Only retailing at $27.90!


Here are some of my own pictures, wearing the above :p

Processed with VSCOcam






Processed with VSCOcam

Visit today!

LOVEIGE has launched their POISE Collection 2. Basically, POISE Collection is a collection that features the favourites of the office ladies. There are many versatile pieces which one can wear to work and casually too.

This time round LOVEIGE has tied up with one of the popular and renowned Nailart Parlour – PRETTIFY ME. Nestled inside the stunning Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall, PRETTIFYME ‚Äď The Nail Therapy is an upscale, Parisian inspired nail salon and spa that truly specializes in treating guests as royalty.

You may find out more on them HERE. The first 10  customers who spend $50 and above will walk away with a session of manicure & pedicure service which worth $63.


If you have noticed, LOVEIGE has always make it a point to enhance the shopping experiences for her consumers. While shopping at LOVEIGE, consumers enjoy very affordable and even complimentary beauty deals from reputable marketing partners they have.

As usual, the new collection features items that are not over $30. Take a look!

Visit LOVEIGE at 
Sign up for mailing list and quote Valencia upon checking out to enjoy 5% on all items!

shopnowpoise3 new in POISE COMING


Even Mediacorp Actress Tracy Lee took a fancy to their striking lime top (Pixie Knit Crop Top)

10635935_277401055776599_3345647186155652983_n 1512815_277401032443268_2206505414227910276_n 10628424_277401015776603_5245184517282038819_n



POISEBLACKNITTOP1 POISEeleanorbanner POISEeleorabanner

shopnow shopnow1 shopnow2 shopnow3 shopnowpoise1 shopnowpoise2


Will be heading to the small claims court for one really ridiculous case by a very unethical business.
I will share more.
My purpose is to really warn people against being scammed of their money, whether small or big money.

I walked pass a kind stranger the other day. He was very attentive towards the stray dogs near my house.
It was supposed to be a heartwarming sight but i can’t believe what actually came to mind.

That best girlfriend i used to have.

It was definitely not a good memory because i have totally forgotten about how nice she was before she decided to ditch me because of her crazy insecure bf. Her bf has dragged me into their quarrel and created havoc for me and my boyfriend out of his insecurity and inferiority. This best gf i used to have, actually chose to end the friendship i had with her before. What makes this even more dramatic is that she even met this crazy bf through me. There i am, being ditched, conveniently just because they cant handle their own pathetic love life and i have to be blamed after i was being persuaded non stop by the guy to help.

I can understand human beings being selfish and standing up for their partners but i can never forget how evil this pair was, in order to save their relationship, they can do anything to harm me and my relationship.

There are more to this tragic story but i really just want to forget.

The reason why she even came to mind after i saw a caring dog lover is because she claims she loves dogs. She and her crazy bf who used to hit her dogs like a maniac claim they are avid lovers of dogs. They shared hatred messages on fb if they see any dog being bullied or abused, especially her.

Frankly, i have long given up on such people and no matter how many people want to update me about her life with that crazy bf of hers, i expressed no interest. They are already out of my life, even social media life.
I have known too much, likewise, they knew alot about me and my bf too. The problems we had and etc. Thus i wont say that they are the only ones facing rs problems. But as far as i know, my bf and i have never try to harm anyone because we still have our conscience.

So, why do i even think of her when i walk pass a dog lover?

I then realised, maybe..just maybe, some people who behaves like hypocrites by declaring their undying love for animals, are actually human haters which have too much time to be bothered with serious issues of life, they can actually love dogs but destroy human beings.

By saying that, i do not mean that dog lovers are human haters, i just mean that some people are behaving worse than the animals they rear, they love. True story. sad too.

How ironic.



I received the Curél Sebum Care series and was about to do a review which many might be thrilled to read about!
If you are a victim of sensitive skin, do not fret as there are many others who are sharing the same problem as you.  Read on and you might just find the answers to your questions!

Curél, Japan’s No. 1 brand for sensitive Asian skin, introduces a new skincare range specially formulated for sensitive and oily or combination skin types. The Curél Sebum Care range offers the skincare essentials to properly manage both skin sensitivity and sebum secretion.

Having extremely oily T-zone
Tried many brands of oil controlling products but finds that the products actually disappoint
Blotting excess oil on T-zone every now and then when you are out

Do you know that excess sebum can aggravate skin sensitivity?A lot of people who have both conditions ‚Äď skin sensitivity and oily skin tend to place more emphasis on choosing products that help with their skin sensitivity.
Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants to cause Ô¨āare-ups within the skin layers.
Hence it is important to choose products that effectively control skin sensitivity while reducing sebum secretion from the source.

Two full pumps of Foaming Wash apply directly onto wet skin.
Apply lotion gently over the whole face twice daily, morning and night respectively.
Apply three to four pumps gently over the entire face twice daily, once in the morning and at nightAfter the above steps, moisturizer will come next.
A liquid based gel that spreads easily for speedy absorption without that nasty sticky feeling on skin.

One thing i love about the product is the Matt condition the skin seem to has and in just 4 weeks, skin sensitivity and excess sebum will be under¬†totally under control. I will not continue with this product though as i do not really have the problem of oily and sensitive skin. But i will most probably intro it to my BF because he has sensitive skin issue and my Sis as she is slightly on the oily skin’s condition. I believe this product will be able to help!

For more info on the products above, you may visit:

*sponsored post



First and foremost, let me ¬†take this chance to wish my Mother, the greatest Mum on earth, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May Mum be blessed with longevity. Although she can be very irritating and a pain sometimes, well most mothers are anyway so i am lucky i have a really good one. HAHA!IMG_20140802_8 She is the strongest woman ever, bringing me and my Sister up and loving us unconditionally. ūüôā I have lost my patience towards her many times and although i have been trying to be better, i still fail time to time.
However, she has never for once hated me for that, I am very blessed to have a Mum that loves me so much, and i am also blessed that when problem arises, sister and John are there to help calm me down.
Gonna rush home after some unhappy event (i will update on that soon) for cake cutting and mini celebration.
We celebrated last weekend at Rendevous Hotel with the relatives already, tonight is the actual day of my Mum’s Birthie and thus Sis and i would want to have cake with her. (her fav Mao Shan Wang flavor!)

Ok, anyway, i guess it is kinda overdue for my review for Bio-essence Tanaka White. I better get it done before i am so packed again.
Sponsored IMG_20140806_2 So, i received 2 items the other day and although i am taking longer than usual to submit this review, i believe it is for a better cause too. I do not want to start using something for a few days and give my verdict after just that few days. The longer period of time i use the product, the more i can experience and understand what the product can do. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset As you can see from the packaging, on your left, it is the Bio-essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF20 ($29.80 / 50g ) and on the right, it is the ¬†Bio-essence Tanaka White 4x Intensive White Serum ($45.80 / 30ml). I can’t wait to ¬†try out the products the moment i got them as i am a Bio-essence user too (Bio-essence V ¬†face cream). After cleansing, i apply the¬†Bio-essence Tanaka White 4x Intensive White Serum and as instructed on the packaging, i¬†apply another layer over areas with dark spots & freckles.

Oh man, those freaking spots and freckles, they are my biggest enemies. My skin is generally good and will be better without those spots. Tsk.

Well, i do not usually care much about the ingredients but it is good to know from time to time.

So these are what is inside the Serum: Tanaka Extract‚ĄĘ,¬†Tranexamic Acid,¬†Alpha-Arbutin (9X more Alpha-Arbutin (9X more effective than Beta-Arbutin¬†in skin whitening)¬†, Kojic Acid, Bio¬†Energy Fluid

For this 4X Instensive White Serum, it promises to fight Darkness on Outside, Work Fairness from Within and it claims the following benefits: Effectively lighten existing pigments and spots Block tyrosinase and inhibits the production of melanin to prevent dark spots and reduce darkening after UV exposure Even out skin tone, whiten & brighten complexion Moisturizes and cools skin Result: Skin exudes radiance, for a smooth, fair & healthy looking complexion. Skin’s fairness intensifies for flawless fair skin which glows from within.

My Conclusion? Firstly, this is how it looks like (right): Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI might be clumsy but honestly, i feel this packaging isnt much of my liking because it turned into some fix and match thingy after a min or 2 after i was trying to see how the dispenser¬†actually work. Not very user friendly¬†in my opinion. Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetWell the picture says it all, it works in a way which you have to press the top part of the rubber and let the serum flow out when release pressing. Eh…really not very nice¬†for face serum i reckon. Ear drops maybe? IMG_20140806_5 So this is taken after i applied the serum, pictures is not edited not filtered. I like the texture of the serum though. It is not too sticky, but it gives a very refreshing watery and dewy feeling to the skin. After which, i proceed with my usual toner and moisturizer. Overall, i am quite satisfied with the serum and the result it brings, although it is not instant result i am talking about. I like how the dewy serum feels on the skin, it makes my face feel very moisturized and i have to admit that the glow that comes from within, is definitely there. I also tried the¬†Bio-essence Tanaka White Double Whitening Day Cream SPF20 in the mornings before i head to work. I gotta admit i love the product very much because it really keeps my skin very very hydrated while protecting it from UV rays. I have another SPF cream that i am using which i also fancy too but i find it a little (just a littler) drier than this. However, some might find this product oily or sticky. As i put on make up only around noon, wheareas the SPF20 cream is on for hours, it does not really fade away, instead, it makes putting on make up easier for me. (in my opinion) The product promises to visibly reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone and this is what it contains: Tanaka Extract‚ĄĘ, Hyaluronic Acid, Tranexamic Acid,¬†Pomelo¬†extract, minerals The benefits it brings as according to product:SPF20 to protect against harmful UV rays

  1. Tanaka Extract‚ĄĘ shields skin from external pollutants, keeps skin cool and moisturized under hot weather
  2. Contains Tranexamic Acid that helps to significantly brighten and even out skin tone
  3. Provides skin with trace mineral elements and precious herbal extracts such as ginseng, angelica and gingko
  4. Lightens and prevents freckles, dark spots and pigmentation

For these 2 products, i am generally very satisfied because i honestly love products ¬†that feels light and dewy on my face. However, it might be a little pricey compared to the other products of the same range in the market. If there is anything i dislike about the product, it will be the packaging of the Serum. I would recommend my friends to try out though. ūüôā IMG_20140806_7

IMG_20140806_6The above 2 pictures ( me in black) are not edited nor filtered. I did not have any make up on besides drawing my brows, pictures was taken after using the Bio essence Tanaka White 4X Intensive white serum and SPF20 Cream. Pictures are taken under normal room light.

So, anyway, there are so much to update and i have to go and do some work right now, pictures shall do the work yes? ūüôā

IMG_20140725_1 IMG_20140726_1 IMG_20140805_1Like super alot of selfies. Yah i know, age is catching up and selfies technically should be left for the younger ones but really, i like selfies. LOL!


This 1 is worse, it looks like some kind of ad. HAHA, actually this was taken specially for the Review for Bio-essence Tanaka white range.  Like i said, the product is really not bad.

IMG_20140728_1Random #carparkootd shot. The BF is getting better at taking pics (only when he has the patience to, tsk)

IMG_20140728_2The Sis chopped off her hair. I think it suits her though.

IMG_20140801_10Some random shot during 1 of the weekend dinner night out. I am gonna blog about the dinner place very soon because they serve really good Pork and is quite affordable (no GST nor service charge) in my opinion. (coming from some1 that does not fancy Pork)

Oh, ¬†that is my bare face, eyebrows not drawn, hair clipped up like an auntie. Wana say thanks to Aunt for the cute VS pouch. ūüôā

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetI major love this Kyrra white knit top (Currently the top seller) by LOVEIGE. It is from the new launch – The POISE Collection


IMG_20140803_12 For Mum’s Bday celebration!

IMG_20140802_5 IMG_20140802_6 IMG_20140802_11 IMG_20140802_13 IMG_20140802_14 IMG_20140802_15 IMG_20140802_16 IMG_20140802_17

IMG_20140803_2 IMG_20140803_3 IMG_20140803_9 IMG_20140803_8 IMG_20140803_7 IMG_20140803_6 IMG_20140803_4

Food was really not bad, i would rate it 7.5/10. The spread is quite ok but it will be better if there is more variety. However, the pricing is totally justifiable.

#Rendenvoushotel #buffet



More pictures on my FB.






Tried this DVD rental machine the other night with Johnnie. Not too bad, just lack of variety of shows. Also, 1 of the discs can’t work – bummer. Wasted my $1.40 but if you are a new user, the first disc on the ¬†first night is FOC. I know people download shows nowadays and thus it is quite fun to try the oldschool way of renting shows. Actually, it was just my problem with the internet connection and thus i can’t really use internet at home now. LOL. Bummer. IMG_20140806_9


20140723_200258I must really give credit to OLD TOWN at East Coast Park. Look at the above, the pictures are taken before we touch a single piece of food on the plate. Overwhelmed with hunger, we have no choice but to gobble these crap down. Quantity, i have nothing to say as you can already see  that the bread is twice as big as the chicken chop and the cheese is ard 1/8 of the saucer.

We already waited 1/2 hr for the above and really do not want to wait for another 30mins for nother plate of crap. If i were not that hungry, bitchpls, i would def make a request to change the plate of…

I am not a spoilt brat but i paid and get shit service n this insulting plate of  ???? Sighzzz



Anyway, on a happier note. LOVEIGE has launched the latest collection, you might want to dropby and  take a look. The collection this time is really versatile and prettayyyyy. I included some pics for you, but you may head to to look at the measurements and etc!

Oh, did i forget to include that the clothing are retailing at really affordable pocket friendly prices. Totally justifiable, quality is amazingly thick and good compared to some other shops out there.

IMG_20140801_8 IMG_20140801_5 porUpcoming, this Porcelaine shift dress fits UK4 РUK12. I am a UK8 РUK10 (for H&M) and thus it looks fitting on me. It will be looser on a smaller girl and fitting on  the curvy ones (UK 10 Р12). Both looks awesome in my opinion. Very Pretty prints and made of quality neoprene material that is rather cooling.

IMG_20140801_1Gorgeous Waterpaint Dress for work.

shopnow3 shopnow shopnow1 shopnow2

This Midi is so lovely and sweet that i reckon no lady will resist. IMG_9004


Ok, i will just post these, for more, you have to head ¬†to…


or the e-tailer shop itself! Have Fun!

IMG_20140701_1Summer is here and although there is practically no summer in Singapore, the weather recently is driving everyone crazy. Besides the normal working hours on weekdays, i dont even feel like waking up and getting out of my air con room on weekends.

As if the bad weather is not all, World Cup has to happen at  this time of the year. Yeap, i am a WC fan and i stay up to watch the matches on weekends. Bad weather, late nights, stress and age.

I  guess it is not hard to imagine how  the combination makes one look РDull. Firstly, we will never be able to beat this weather as long as we are still staying here, as for late nights, i guess i have no choice too because WC is once in 4 years.
I face stress like nobody’s business, stress from all sorts and ¬†that is life too, inevitable. As for the last factor, sorry but nobody can fight against it.
You know, i used to be able to lose weight real quickly when i was younger. Just starving for a day or two and i will lose the kgs. Now? The more i starve, the fatter i get. Seriously ūüė¶

Not only that, when i was younger, a night or two of partying and no sleep does not make much difference and the  dark circles and yellow dull skin will disappear in days after a full day of sleep and recuperation.

What about now? Good gracious, the stubborn skin prob persist, just like the fats.

I always have pigmentation issues and freckles is something i am extremely not proud of.
My skin is generally still alright, just a little dry but i thank God for not giving me more problems.
At the very least, i can head out to work without any make up in the morning so i do not have to waste time drawing my face since i wake up really late in the morning. (i only start to draw the face after i reach office, so i survive the  train rides and all with a bare face)

As the age increases, skin problem starts to surface more not because they never exist when we were younger.
Problem is, there is something call the cell renewal rate, like metabolism rate, it slows down as the age increases.

Those  that know me know that i do not spend much time  on skincare products, but it is also true that age is something tt goes its way up yet bringing people down. Thus i have improved abit on my skincare regime.
However, am still sticking to products that have proven effective for me and added a few products that seem promising (i am still observing and making my choices)

I am thankful that Neutrogena sent me their latest Clinical Fine Fairness range for review 2 weeks ago and i used to use Neutrogena during my younger days, thus the sense of familiarity lingers.
I changed to other products as i got older back then because i was  told that we have to switch brands after a long time of using the same brand, not sure if that is a myth but i did it anyway.

Reason behind this was because if you were to use the same product for very long, the effectiveness of the product no longer shows. Anyone tell me if this is true? Anyway, i was really delighted when i received  the big box of products from Neutrogena (thank you Si hui for arranging) . They were very generous to provide actual size products instead of sample size and the packaging looks very elegant in White and Bronze. IMG_20140630_5 I received 3 products in total and they are Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence ($45.90) Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++ ($34.90) Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream ($34.90) About the Products:

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence IMG_20140630_8

Clinically Proven Results. Powered by clinical strength brightening ingredients, including VITAL-IONS‚ĄĘ and Lily Nectar, Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, is clinically proven to lighten persistent spots with visible results in just three weeks by inhibiting melanin production.

Do you know? How Melanin Builds Up – As we grow older, our skin‚Äôs cellular turnover becomes sluggish. This affects skin‚Äôs natural function of expelling melanin and it starts to accumulate within skin ‚Äď dark spots appear and skin tone becomes uneven, taking away skin‚Äôs natural radiance.

-This product aids deep skin renewal at night, helping to make skin look brighter, fairer and more radiant. -Its clinical strength formulation works to reduce melanin production and improves skin tone and clarity, while at the same time providing sufficient hydration for dewy soft, smooth and moisturised skin with youthful luminosity

Additional info: The Synergistic Ingredients Designed to diminish the appearance of persistent dark spots, new Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness features a unique combination of VITAL-IONS‚ĄĘ and Lily Nectar for renewed skin that glows.‚ÄĘ VITAL-IONS‚ĄĘ technology uses zinc and copperminerals, known to be catalysts that kickstartthe skin‚Äôs cellular renewal, speeding up thedispersion of melanin. ‚ÄĘ Lily Nectar is the mixture of White Lilyextracts and stabilised Vitamin C tosuppress the production of melanin

To achieve the best results, the  2 products below completes the regime. Check them out!

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++

IMG_20140630_9 Morning/ Day: Shield your skin from damaging UV rays and free radicals with Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++

Formulated with Neutrogena’s patented HelioplexTM technology as well as the clinical strength whitening ingredients of VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar, it serves the dual purpose of broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and cell revitalisation for renewed radiance. HelioplexTM has been clinically proven to deliver one of the best forms of protection under extreme sun conditions, shielding skin against cellular damage and premature aging that cause fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream IMG_20140630_7 Night: Support your skin’s self-repair mode while you sleep with Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream. Apart from its brightening properties, it also infuses skin with deep hydration for dewy, plumped-up skin. Apply over Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence

A luxurious non-oily moisturising formula infused with VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar, it aids deep skin renewal at night, helping to make skin look brighter, fairer and more radiant. Its clinical strength formulation works to reduce melanin production and improves skin tone and clarity, while at the same time providing sufficient hydration for dewy soft, smooth and moisturised skin with youthful luminosity

My Own Experience

I have been using the products for approximately 2 weeks and i have to say, i really like it very very much. Despite the fact that this post is sponsored, i will still give my honest opinion and  the pros and cons i feel about the 3 products.


After cleansing, i apply the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence before moisturizer.
It comes in a very innovative double chamber pump. Initially, i felt clumsy while using it because i am not sure where  to press since there are like 2 sides.
But after i got over my bimbo moments, i think it is really easy, all you need to do is just press on the middle of the pump and both sides of the pump will dispense  the cream. It smells extremely good, no strong chemical smell, no strong fragrance but a very mild pleasant smell.

The texture is very smooth and non sticky. When i say non sticky, it is really NOT sticky at all, which i totally love.  The cream is lightweight, it glides on so smoothly all over my face.  Its ability to absorb into the skin is strong because all it takes was a few mins and i feel as though i did not apply anything.

IMG_20140630_11After Cleansing, picture is raw without edit nor filter.


IMG_20140630_13How the skin looks after application. Pic is not edited & not filtered.

Clinically proven to lighten even the most persistent spots with visible results achieved in just  three weeks! Tested to be effective in erasing a year of accumulated melanin with just one bottle. Apply to skin after cleansing, before moisturizer.

NEXT: IMG_20140630_1

After which, i apply my own eyecream and also the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream. Likewise, the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream feels very light and the smell is not overwhelming too. I love how this ranges of product feels on my skin, easily absorbed and non sticky at all. Also, the cream does makes my face & neck feel very moisturized too.

IMG_20140630_15 IMG_20140630_16 IMG_20140630_17 IMG_20140630_18Applying to whole of face & neck. All 4 pictures above are non edited/filtered. 

When it comes to night cream, i am really particular if it is sticky or not. I hate it whenever the cream feels sticky and i have problem sleeping with sticky cream on my face because i will tend to avoid touching the pillow and i cant turn the way i want in that case.

MORNING: IMG_20140630_3

I apply the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++ in the morning. I have never bother about all these UV protection stuff and this has to be the first time i am applying something lidat.
This time round, the cream is a little different, it is¬†purple-ish while the other 2 above are white. Like its ‘sisters’ above , this cream is non sticky and smells ¬†very mild and nice.

Because this product also acts like a make up base, i look even more radiant without make up when i go to work in the morning. There are even praises from people around, saying that my skin looks perfect even without make up. Happy to know that but am really glad that despite the ability to look  good,  i am also protecting the skin by applying the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++.

IMG_20140702_6 Actual color, pictures are not edited.IMG_20140702_5Morning skin with Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF 50+ PA+++

My overall conclusion for this line of products is that i  genuinely love it. Even if i am not being sponsored, i will be prepared to invest in this range.

There is not much for me to be unhappy about but if i really have to name the pros and cons, i guess the price will be the only factor that might make me re-consider when i am making my choice. I personally find it abit pricey for the size of the bottles. However, if you compare with other brands which you can find in Watsons and Guardian, it is considered as normal market price.


Comparing to brands like those you find over counters in the shopping malls, this range is way more affordable. Also, for the efficiency, i would say that it is worth it. I used to have very bad dark spots problem and i never fancy the idea of whitening (i really hate it that the face is white and the body is of a darker tone)

IMG_20140702_4(Picture taken under natural light, no make up, no edit. Dark spots getting less obvious)

However, Neutrogena¬†Clinical Fine Fairness range¬†does not ‘bleach’ my face but instead, it provides the glow on my skin, lightening dark spots instead. Of course, there are freckles and spots that are stubborn and requires more than just cream (laser is needed) but i am glad the color is turning lighter and is not so obvious anymore ūüôā


I will continue with this range for now, if you would like to find out more, you may visit their relevant and official sites:

 Neutrogena Singapore Facebook site Whitening page on the Neutrogena Singapore Facebook page

This post is sponsored by Neutrogena.

Hola folks!

IMG_20140628_1If you notice that i have been more active after  the long hiatus, yeap i am really trying to share as much as i can. Even if it means  that i cant share much about the updates of my life (not like you will be interested anyway because it is always the same old things that is happening.) i would still want  to pen  down on  the products i used and the results they bring.

Reason being, i am the infamous blur sotong. I want to be able to record down what i have used before, where i have eaten before and etc so i will remember in the future. My blog is also a reference for myself since there are so many products in this world, so much food and so many eateries that we patronized. Penning them down helps me to make easier choices in future. Yes, not only blur, i am VERY lazy too.

My blog is known for being honest, even when it comes to sponsored items. As what i mentioned before, because i do not rely on blogging for a living, i want to be credible when it comes to reviews, thus i am able to write what i want to. But i have to emphasize that everyone’s preference is subjective, so whatever that works or does not work for me, might not be doing the same for you ok?

After the sad review about my eyelash extension yesterday (or the day before ah?), today’s review will be better and happier. Haha!

Ok, first and foremost, this review is considered as sponsored, i did not buy the item. But i shall just be honest about the item.

We are looking at the most raved about brand today – KISS Skincare. Recently, i saw plenty of bloggers writing about this product. To be honest, i am very skeptical when it comes to skincare products being advertised crazily by bloggers. No offence to any one of them but very rarely you will read a negative post from them isnt it?

So anyway, i received the bottle of KISS SKINCARE Whitening Collagen Mask 2 weeks back.

LOGO KISSSkincare Update 19-11-13

I hafta admit, despite being skeptical, the packaging kinda got me. It just look so pretty. I am not a pink person but somehow, the box and the way it is packaged really caught my attention.

Firstly, a mandatory introduction :

KISS Skincare’s Whitening Collagen Mask is¬†a product of Thailand and is already one of the BEST SELLERS for whitening collagen cream mask. It is co-founded and recommended by Dr Atom of Atom Clinic in Thailand, a famous celebrity doctor known for his celebrity and super model client√®le.
“KISS Skincare Singapore is a local based e-store.They are the Authorizer Sole Distributor for KISS Whitening Collagen Cream mask.
The FIRST in Singapore to present to you the BEST seller KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask in Thailand.”

Certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand)
 Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


The KISS Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask (SGD $58)
“.. an overnight concentration collagen cream mask that diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities”
Key points:
– 100% natural ingredients with no trace of steroids or mercury
(Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types, including those with oily and sensitive skin!)
– Formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts
– Concentrated collagen in mask acts as a regenerative agent to renew your skin cells, thereby making you look younger and more vibrant
–¬†Whitening effect
– Reduces oil secretion
– Gives you a smoother, whiter looking skin
The mask cream is meant for overnight application. It comes in a vacuum cap container.
Well, i believe many of you will be delighted to know this because it definitely helps to ensure that the cream is kept away from the environmental air, thereby keeping it fresh.
IMG_20140629_1No Make Up, No Fliter, No Edit.
If you are a regular reader, you would have known by now that whenever i am reviewing skincare product, i do not alter my pictures to show the results better.
So, the usual, i cleanse, i put my toner and i applied the Kiss Skincare Overnight Mask Cream. I like it that the¬†pump allows users to only dispense what they need. I tend to waste cream as i tend to ‘dig’ and ‘squeeze’ more than what is needed. However, not guilty this time as the pump is a savior for people like me.
This is how my skin looks after the application. Freckles are ugly, so ignore them. Haha.
20140629_231659Total raw pics, both pictures not edited.

The cream has a nice and mild fragrance, i love how it smell (frankly, i cannot stand those chemical smell even if it is very sweet and fragrant)
Upon applying, it glides on my face smoothly and after applying, there is no tingling sensation (i usually get the tingling sensation everytime i use a new cream on my face)
It is considered average for the level of stickiness. It is not very sticky and after half an hour, it is completely ‘smooth’ and kinda ‘dry’ off from my skin. Probably, the absorbency of the product is¬†good, product was in my skin and the pillow was clean the whole night. Haha.
However, i find it a tad ‘dry’ for me. Not sure if it is due to my skin nature (i have dry skin).
Okay, so i woke up and cleanse it off, still feeling very fresh after the cleansing. Face feel smooth, perhaps that’s the collagen part that is working? As for whitening, it does not really whiten me which ¬†i am really relieved. I really do not fancy a piece of white face to go with a not so white body. The¬†face felt ‘fresher’ after the wash.
Overall, i would say  that this product is worth investing (if you calculate, lol) Although $58 is not extremely cheap for a 30ml tub of cream. The amount needed for the face is not alot, the pump does help alot in saving and you only need to use this product 2 times a week! Meaning, you only pump 4 times a week if you need 2 pumps each time.
Quite worth it for an overnight mask cream isnt it?
Anyway, to make this review even more appetizing. Aspiring Singapore Online Fashion Store LOVEIGE is having a tie up with KISS SKINCARE this July and they are promising the first 5 customers a tub of the Whitening Collagen Mask Cream each with any purchase.
Yeap, ANY PURCHASE! Which also means there is no minimum spending at all.  Which also means that you can choose  to buy one of their sales items and get a tub of Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen (worht $58) for free!
Despite saying that, LOVEIGE is not compromising on their quality. If you have not already knew, each and every piece of apparel  from LOVEIGE is handpicked and exported with careful consideration. Different real life models will try on the various sizes of every design to make sure that the measurements provided are accurate.
New Arrivals pickoftheweek
LOVEIGE always believes in High Fashion at Good Cost.
All Apparels are suitable for students from age 18 to working adults age 40.

Versatility is important to every lady and LOVEIGE totally understands that!
shopnw shopnw2 launched1
Although they are not manufacturing at the moment, manufacturing is in the near  future and for now, every design is specially brought in and the chance of having the same piece with others is slim.
If you miss their crazy GSS sale which ended yesterday (items from $13!) Fret Not! This upcoming deal is even more tempting!
Like what LOVEIGE says, Beauty comes in a package. Looking Good has to be from within to dressing up. Head over to and shop away while bringing home a tub of Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Mask Cream for yourself! (First come first served basis)
Happy Looking Good this July!
Like LOVEIGE’s FB page at¬†
This post is sponsored (Kiss Skincare)

I have waited long enough and i cant wait to post this review. To be honest, some might feel that this review is extremely mean and some might even not finish reading it.

But i really can’t be bothered because i have TOLERATED like crazy before i finally have time to write this, and to be fair to the brand ¬†that i am reviewing, i have given enough time for them to show me otherwise.

From the above, it is not hard to guess that this review is negative. Yeap, it is and it is not because i am not sponsored, it is also not because i have paid $588 for the package. Read on to find out.


Basically, i have done Eyelash extension for ¬†years and i have been to the worst and a few good ones around. The most common one has to be Milly’s. They are not fantastic but they are considered ‘fine’¬†to me, in terms of service and quality. The lashes might nt be all that natural (i am saying ¬†this for the lashes i got 1 year+ ago as i am not sure if they have new products lately) but it was still considered as average in terms of the softness and quality. Their services can be better but i am glad that there is no hard selling, the ladies there are mostly from China and were relatively friendly.

Then, the few eyelash parlors at City Plaza…frankly, they are the cheapest lot but even if i have to go bare on my eyelash, i will never be back again. The quality of the eyelash is horrendous, hard and stiff is not all…the glue that they used gave a strong stench and also hurts the eyes badly.
Service is outrageous as well, when you complain about the quality of they glue & lashes, all they can reply was “no, we use very good quality stuff” #indenial
Seriously, i paid $50 for a lesson and  that was that.

Now, i am gona  talk about my expensive $588 package for the recent eyelash extension. $588 might be cheap to some, might also be acceptable to others. For me, it is not considered cheap if the service and quality sucks. It is considered as OUTRIGHT robbery.
If you calculate, $588/6months is equal to $98 per month if you go back monthly for touchups.
Look, if everything is well, i wouldnt mind spending that amount for a  6months unlimited eyelash extension package. Not that i am filthy rich but if it is worthy, i believe nobody will complain much too.

I have to emphasize that whatever is written on this ¬†blogpost is merely MY OWN OPINIONS, i paid for the service¬†and thus i have the rights to review and feedback how i honestly feel. I am not trying to tarnish anyone’s reputation nor branding here… but i am narrating what i went through as a customer and the unpleasant experience that i had.

I usually go to¬†a small shophouse located in Bishan¬†for my eyelash extension and the reason why i never go back is because it is rather far and they are always fully booked. The envionrment and service was superb and there is absolutely NO hardselling at all. They just do what they need to, collect the money from you, and ¬†that’s it. Even though they are offering packages that cost a few hundreds, they just state on a board at the cashier area and if you are keen, you ¬†take it. If you are not, they will not push it to you as well. The quality of the eyelash has to be 1 of the best i ever had, soft and the glue is not stinky nor pricky. After a few weeks, the eyelash will still stay ‘curled up’ and not droopy. To top it off, not many strands were found dropping. The price for this is approx $75 and this usually last me a month. I feel it is totally worth it.¬†1 of¬†¬†the mediacorp actresses patronizes this place, i know because we used to be in the same church (i¬†do not feel comfy¬†revealing her name)

About 6 to 7 months ago, i came to know about The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist through a friend. She read about it online as the shop actually got a lot of bloggers to advertise for  them (just to name a few, Rachel Wong, Naomi and etc)
I do not read their blogs (due to age factor and etc, some are  too young and 1 of them also cant make herself clear in the blogposts which causes frustration when reading. Just saying) but i  thought i might just give this shop a try for the eyelash extension service.

It is 1 of my most horrible experiences. I will just say, i will not be back even if they are offering FOC.

Sometime in Jan, i went to the shop and wanted to try out the eyelash extension before CNY as the Bishan place that i went have bookings so full n i refused  to wait.
For this Prestige place, I was told that if i quote certain blogger’s name, i get a certain trial pricing or something. So i did.
In the end, i was asked to buy a 6months package because the lady (supposingly 1 of the owners) told me that they are charging extra as it is 1 week away from CNY) and that i should buy ¬†the package because the quote (of blogger’s name) is not valid as well. (HUH?)
The total damage will amount more or less close to the package price which is $588.
They did not even bother to let me take a look at the $488 package (claiming to be some Japanese extenstion) but sold the $588 (Korean package) to me straight.

Ok, that wasnt their fault, i said yes to the $588  Stupidly. However, i thought back and maybe they should at least show their customers what is the diff between the both instead of just pushing the more expensive package.


Ok, whatever. I bought the $588 6months unlimited eyelash extension package.

Initially, it was still ok, everything was normal. ¬†The quality of the lash is ok, the service was nowhere near good but still acceptable. Whenever i call to make an appointment, i will always be told ¬†that the ¬†dates and time i chose are not available. I thought “fine, this is what usually happen, moreover, i paid the money already thus i should be prepared to take such crap”
(having said  that, we really should not lower our expectations of service due to such bad service brands)

20140624_215747You be the judge. I swear i didnt rub nor even dare to touch these horrendous lashes done by them.




The staff there are not friendly but it is ok, i do not need to chat since i can take naps while they do their work. The thing that actually puts me off was that, they will push other packages to you and if you say “no”, be prepared for those black sunken faces. Somehow, the vibe changes from not frindly to demeaning. Maybe i was sensitive but they really do not make you feel that you are an esteemed customer of theirs.

They ¬†charged me $588 right? Then, they told me i have to top up $30 for their newest product of ‘Mink lashes’. Claiming that it is new and very comfy. So i did, for the sake of comfy DESPITE PAYING $588 BEFORE THAT.
Today, 30th June, at 11am, i went to check out their FB…guess what i saw?



CAN SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME ON THIS? Why was i charged extra $30 for the Mink lashes when i have already paid $588 for the package? And why are they selling the package of MINK lashes at $588 now? 

DEAR PRESTIGE, if you are reading this, would you mind explaining to me and refunding my $30?

As this continues, i made lesser trips back to the place even after paying that sum for unlimited usage. I tried to tolerate till almost all the lashes fell off before going back for touch ups.
The most appalling experience will be the time which i went over at 645pm (i end work at 6 and although they hate that i make appointments at 630-645, they have to take it as i really do not have time to accomodate to their request of early timing since they are opened till 8?)

I reached the place at 650pm and requested for them to remove all the lashes that were half hanging and replant new ones. All i got from them was “We do not have enough time ¬†to do that. Removing needs 1/2 hr and replanting needs another 1hr plus. We have to close soon”

RIDICULOUS. What the heck? Even beauty salons have to stay back if the customers have reasonable requests? Moreover, i arrived just 5 mins later  and they told me they cant do it for me?! Where is the professionalism and responsibility?

So, after removing all the half hanging lashes, they asked me to let my lids rest for time being and refused to replant the new lashes for me. They then started to off lights and closed shop.

How i felt back then? SHORTCHANGED. Unlimited services? BULLSHIT.



Droopy eyelash extension by Prestige, in just 1o days. Amazing.20140624_221902


Now u know where you can  get it too!

The experience for that torturous 6 months was terrible and the worst 1 has to be the last time which i went. I decided to end the misery the moment my package ends. Went back to touch up and this time round, they did it within 20mins. How amazing yea?

Of cos, i am prepared for the worst but i just want to end this bullshit package once and for all. The lashes fell quickly and on the first day of retouch, 3 thick strands have fallen off. The lashes were not only NOT curled up, they were pointing in ALL directions looking disgustingly disappointing.

Till date, it is 2 weeks since i last visited, well not exactly 2 weeks since i last visited on 18th of June…The lashes are¬†at its very bad stage now. Pointing in all directions, and over a total of 10 thick strands have fallen.


Droopy AND Dropping.






I have to also emphasize that i did not rub the eyes, i took good care when it comes to washing face though i did not wear goggles because the good eyelash extension i had does not requires me to do that, i try to avoid the lashes whenever i am removing makeup.


Really, as if $588 for a 6 mths package of unfriendly services  is not enough, the poor workmanship is also heartbreaking.


Eyelash extension pointing in all directions, North South East West, you name it, they do it!20140624_215837

I will never step a foot back to that place again. It is full of lies, deceit and yes, it is only $30  that i am being cheated of but it is a matter of principle. Once again,  this is my own experience and  there are still dozens of bloggers praising that shop, well, i duno. Prestige might be really good, just not to/for me, they might be really nice to the bloggers, i am not sure. But you can be sure they are  really nice to the socialites and models/bloggers (basically whoever they sponsored)! Haha.

Irony isnt it, treat your customers like shit but the bloggers like God. This is one of the most disgusting traits a business should have.

I am not writing this because of the owner who made newspapers’ ¬†headlines due to her self-claimed friendship with the multi millionaire’s daughter. Neither do i know them personally. I have nothing to gain from this negative review. But i really need to warn all ladies out there. So yeap. Read this with an open mind.

But seriously, whatever, not going back again. Yeap.

Vshares on The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

Category: Beauty/ Eyelash Extension

Value for $: V

Level of service: V

Likes: V

Will i recommend to my friend: DEFINITELY NO

Comments: Lacks of Integrity

Anyway, since it has been sometime since i last share. Maybe to recap on the above:

Here is a little elaboration and explanation of how it works, i will include the following points to make reading easier:

  • Category¬†is product/services’ category.
    In this case, Beauty as it is.
  • Value for money¬†is how affordable it is comparing to market price, you see 1¬†Vs and that is on the scale of 5Vs.
    1 V means it is rather expensive and 5Vs means it is very affordable  comparing to market rate.
    Thus here, i am suggesting that it is not worth the money AT ALL.
  • Level of Service¬†is to tell you how satisfied i am with the service. Please bear in mind ¬†that i am Not fussy but i am rather particular with services.
    In this case, i gave 1 Vs out of 5Vs. Which also means that the service basically fail because it is like 1 stars out of 5.
  • Likes¬†means how much i enjoy/like the service or product in overall.
    In this case, it is a major flop.
  • Will i recommend to my friend:¬†No
    Needless to explain.

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