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Vdates June (4)


Here is my update before June ends, June has been very terrible and i cant wait for it to go away.

As i am typing away, i am wondering to myself who will be the ones reading my updates.
I have absolutely no idea who my readers are. I seem to be writing to myself but i seem to have a small group of readers.

It is a very weird feeling because you do not know who are the ones reading and digesting, who are the ones judging and hating, who are the ones that are waiting for new update posts and etc.

I do not want or need the whole world to read about me, not that i have anyway.
But I just feel that blogging gives me the chance to reminisce  my past events.
It is unlike photos, blogging includes more emotions. Everytime i read back the old entries, i can still feel the emotions behind certain blogposts.

Anyway, June is ending and before it ends, i got myself Cornea Ulcer or Holes in the Eye. -_-

I do not know what exactly is wrong with my left eye but 1 doc say i have Cornea ulcer and the other told me i just have holes in the left eye. Whatever.
No matter what, it requires time to heal by itself and the recent haze did not make it better.


Was referred  to A&E by my GP and i chose NUH even though it is the further-est for me. I know i make a right choice because the whole experience was really worth it.

Over at National University Hospital, the waiting time is so much lesser, the whole hospital is more organized, the staff are more polite and professional. Of course, this isnt any paid advertisement, a hosp do not need that anyway.

Starting from the entrance, they took my temperature and was directed to make payment immediately. After payment, i waited for around 10 to 15 mins to speak to a nurse about my condition. Then, i waited around 45mins to see the Doc.

After seeing the Doc, i waited another half an hr to see an Eye specialist. I took around 3 hours in total at NUH, comparing to the 8 to 10 hrs wait at the other hospitals and the recent SGH…i cant be anymore thankful.


I also want to credit the team at NUH because the MOs were very firm and decisive, they really behave like ‘adults’ and i felt much more secured than seeing the bunch of ‘kiddy doctors’ of you-guess-where.

1 thing that irked me at the hospital was the SAF guys. There was a bunch of SAF guys in green sitting around, with or without injury.

My Mum was limping around while i had a bandage on my eye. It was obvious we needed a seat. At least for my Mum who has difficulty standing up for long lah. However, after much stares  from the Army Boys, the one that gave up his seat for us was a Bangladesh worker.

I wrote this on my FB and have gotten various responses:


Honestly, you may think i am quarrelsome. You may also think i am a typical woman who likes to bitch but if you are a guy and u have to stoop to my level, you really have to do a reality check on your gender.

I was told by a gentleman that  according to the gentleman’s handbook, a real man would give up his seat to a lady- fat skinny tall or short. She doesnt has to b injured to earn the seat. Of cos, it depends sometimes on the location. A bus or train, or even hospitals.

I am sorry but i am not saying all, (because i still have a  few guy friends who are nice gentlemen) but Singaporean Men, a portion of you guys should really stop blaming Singaporean Ladies for blaming you guys.
We are not perfect but time and again, you guys show to us  that you guys are spoilt and in denial. We are not too picky, but sometimes, some of you are just too spoilt and refuse to admit that you are not acting like a real man.

Of course, we can never force someone to be a gentleman if he doesnt want to, i do understand that being Male is by birth for alot of you, but being a real Man is a choice.


So yeah, wassup with Mr Harrison in  this case? Arguing with a woman with an injured eye, arguing that the NS men should not give up seats to an injured lady nor a limping elderly.


I cant help but ask 不知道是不是男人

Anyway, i better stop before i start to feel angry all over again. It is not my business, i must remind myself  that how low a man behaves IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

Later in the week, i received a rather sad news and have felt a little down ever since. But please do not worry for me as i believe that God has see this coming and He has already planned. I just need to be patient and calm while handling my emotions and making the right decision.

I am not talking about r/s problem, because many people naturally relate that a woman can only be sad over romance issues.
This is more than that.

It has been sometime since i last chilled with gf, prolly paying her a visit this weekend?

I miss swimming but damn, my eye is not any better after a week and i am heading back for follow up on Thursday. Till recovery, i am not allowed to swim.

84d22ea2d97911e2918122000a9f4d8a_7 65867becd97a11e2b49e22000ae91347_7



Working out with Sis in Gym.

Anyway, speaking of which, the Haze is really better this week. My whole family and i were so paranoid because we received news that the PM2.5 will be caught in the lungs and might develop into cancer cells and etc. I do not care if it is true but if anything, i rather be safe than sorry.



IMG_20130621_3Lol, all covered up because my eye cant take the haze, too.

N95 was out of stock during the peak of the whole Haze Saga (PSI at 400) and i was so Garang enough to Q up for 4 hours at Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang’s Unity for just 4 pieces of masks. (i stay in the East -_-)

I can’t believe i did that but yeap, i did. We tried our best to get masks from friends and i was even offered a box at $60 (usual price at $25).

Thanks but no thanks.

I wish i have more sincere friends though.

So, the haze did made my eye condition worse and thank God that haze is gone but i have too many masks now. Any takers?

Yes, Govt told us to be vigilant as the haze might be back but my office (finally) gave another N95 so i guess i have enough and i can sell or give away. I know NTUC is selling now and everyone can get it conveniently, so i am just saying.

Ok, i think i have ntg much to write as of now. You can take a look at some pictures of myself







IMG_20130623_6and some other randoms:



super sinful supper after so long, with the cg.

8de5c2ccd9c111e29b0e22000a9f12cb_7a contradiction to the above

b30ea702db8411e28a6422000a9e08ee_7Sis made  this egg pancake, not bad!


Ok, the last picture is super random and i am super random and I am hungry and i feel like lunching already. Till my next post, be blessed!

The departure of Eng Han


I believe the people who keeps coming into my blog for my ex Cell Group Leader Mr Chew Eng Han have been waiting for some juicy inside news and thus the crazy amount of browsing and etc.


I am sorry but i have no juicy news for anyone here. I am disgusted by the amount of Kaypos googling on Eng Han at this time. I cant help feeling very very disgsuted.

Last week, Eng Han announced his departure from City Harvest Church and has caused commotion and  gotten many reactions from different people.

Needless to say, many people blamed him for his decision and called him a traitor.

Of course, there are people applauding his courage and encourage him to stand up and speak the truth.

While the CHC or Pastor Kong haters were rooting for him as if he is some WP against the PAP.
It seems political and while it isnt his intention to,  media and immature people made situation seems bad.

From Day 1, he has never for once asked me to leave Church, he has never ask anyone to leave CHC.
There was no intention of sowing discord and all he told me was that he is still my friend and i can still contact him should i need any pastoral help.

I am just a small fry in church, i am less than 5 yr old in Church, yet i have seen and went through the biggest drama of Singapore – in my very own Church.

Is it tiring? yes it is, no doubt abt that.

Afterall, isnt a Church a peaceful and drama-free place?

Well, i feel it depends on how you see it. A person’s perspective and attitude towards every little thing matters more than his or her surroundings.
I feel that my family and i really benefited from Church and its leaders, ministries and people.

For Eng Han to make such a major decision, i cant be anymore sure that he has used sufficient time to consider all the consequences, pros and cons. For a spiritual man like him, prayers is a definite thing, at all time, during or even before the decision was announced.

For those  that judged him and called him traitor, i really really feel extremely offended and saddened.
I understand the wrath one might have because of this decision, it doesnt help when it come at such a weird timing, just weeks before the 2nd half of the trial.

I felt shocked and intimidated too ( initially).

But lets calm down and respect his decision. We have been very judgmental for the longest time. One very very bad point about human race is that we judge all the time and we decide for people what kinda decision they should make.
We like to manipulate and control others’ minds and make them make the decision we ourselves desire.

It is his decision, why cant we be gracious about it and respect his decision and leave it as that?

Are judgments really necessary? Frankly, it doesnt matter. Your views and judgments DOES NOT MATTER.
We are believers arent we?
The very basic of God’s teachings, have we forgotten all about it?

Our views and judgments DOES NOT MATTER, what matters is God’s view. So you shouldnt be pointing fingers at Eng Han and calling him names because that is purely YOUR VIEW, God doesnt view him as a traitor. God doesnt label people that way.

It definitely angered me that people are calling him names because Eng Han is my friend, i respect whatever he did, and whatever decision he makes because till date, he has not done any shameful thing in my opinion.

Likewise, those that do not know what is going on really shouldnt start insulting the Church and the Pastors just because of Eng Han’s announcement. Again, leave it to GOD will ya?

As the story unfolds, God is also unfolding TRUTH. We have waited for years, y not just be patient and wait on for the whole story?

There are ALOT of things happening, ALOT of information, ALOT of unexpected details at this moment.

I do not want to judge or take sides, i will not say anything because ntg is official and i am not a spokesperson for anyone. My knowledge is limited.
If you are really concern, wait patiently, it is only weeks to the next trial, more will be revealed along the way.

Anyway, a person who is really concerned will not slander anyone before anything is official.

At this moment, i hope that the people who knows Eng Han personally can stand with him and his family, it is really really tough for them.
He is prepared to be judged before announcing this decision but he doesnt deserve all the criticisms. Nobody deserves that.

As for me, i still stand by the

1) Crossover mission, nobody says that Crossover is fake, it is genuine and we saved lives.
Nothing is gona  change that fact.

2) The Church is still doing good deeds and Pastors are still giving their best in their preachings.

3) Many were saved and City Harvest Church really helped alot of people and i am one of them.

As for Eng Han, he has done his part for the Church the last 17 years and especially now. I truly feel for him and i pray nothing but Fairness and Justice for him. He is no longer my Cell Group leader but he is my Friend and Mentor forever.

To all who read  this space, lets all be patient and walk through this with prayers and discernment.

Through this incident, i guess i realize once again  that i took things for granted for the longest time. Nothing is forever, and when things like this happen, i realize that i have  never needed more discernment than now…
However, i strongly believe that this is not an issue of taking sides nor staying/leaving CHC. If you are concern for the parties involved, pray for them. Wish them well.

As for yourself and even myself, guess we have to discern which direction is spiritually beneficial for us, which direction is God’s path for us and will build our growth.

Instead of being a kaypo, instead of asking what happen constantly and finger pointing, all we can do is to be still and Let God.
Oh, i have alot of you texting me asking what happened, what church EH is going next, this and that. May i say, these are all redundant to know at this moment. So please dont ask me such qns anymore.

Lets keep the Church and  the 6 in prayers. Especially for the bbg group of friends, may God bless us with utmost favour this period.

Vdates June 2 (Featuring my first Flea)

Yawns. It is Monday and it is hazy…

IMG_20130613_6Hi Everybirdie~

The air is smelling like dead rats ever since the haze attacked us from Sumatra last Fri. I really do not know when will Indonesia stop giving its neighbours haze. It is really frustrating and i really think it is legit for everyone to skip work and school due to the crazy air pollution (that is if the Govt decides to be kind to its people)

Ok, that is my first rant of the day. I am peckish because my eye hurts and my nose is blocked. I am tired and above all, it is Monday.

Anyway,updates about last week. Work and Work and Work and then met gf for a mtg with Stacy. Glad that everything is on track and i am still praying for God’s guidance on each step we are taking.

GF came over to my place for awhile before heading home. It was Flea the next day and my family and i have to wake up early.

As usual, we overslept but still able to make it in time (just not that early).
The better spaces were all snatched up, but is ok, the space we  got is not too bad as well.
We reached there at around 10.30am.

It was our 1st flea and we were quite lost and things gt quite outta ctrl in the beginning. We lost our cool and poor Mum has to endure with our peckish attitude. 😦
Having said that, i really appreciate her presence even though she keeps nagging. -_-


The venue for the flea was at Lucky Plaza Level 6. Oh, it was organized by ForFleaSake.
Honestly, the place is full of dust and it is rather dirty. It is new and obviously not renovated, the cement floor was rough and full of dirt.
The table provided was not fantastic and shaky but we can still make do with it.
The 2 chairs provided were obviously not enough but i guess we can bring our own stools the next time.


I am glad Sis and i made  good preparation in terms of A&P and Marketing, with the nice signages.
When we were setting up our booth, we realised that our booth did stand out from some of the rest because of the efforts we put in. I am not saying this with arrogance but i thought is good to credit ourselves because of the hardwork put in. *pats* on the shoulders. 😛


our e-poster, we gave out all the 50 goodie bags!


However, 1 thing good about the venue is that it is air conditioned, thus it make up quite abit for the dirt and all.
At least it is not under the hot sun isnt it?

Our neighbours are fine except for the 1 opposite us. Sorry but i have to rant about this neighbour and i have tagged this post with all the relevant tags, i hope they see this post and reflect.

Frankly, i dont really bother about making friends or sucking up to others because i really feel that is fake. Of course, i will smile and greet each other lah. I am not that rude.
I know of those people who compliment each other, chatting up like as if they knew each other for decades, exchanging phone numbers and all during such event.
But i am just not like that. Neither is the sister.

For us, if we click w you, we click w u. If you find us meeting your expectation as being your friends, then well, great (& thanks!)! :))
If not, we can just dont talk and mind our own business.

Back to the neighbour opposite us….

They arrived later than us and  the moment they arrived, they made hell lotsa noise. 1 of them was playing music loudly from the ipad and the other 3 were talking aloud. No offence but i almost thought i was in a foreign country or MRT trains (you know how the mrt train is like nowadays right? hope you get the drift)

I actually shook my head at the loud music, NOT with approval but with a bit of disgust. 1 of them noticed and felt displeased.
I really cant be bothered because i really think it is very inconsiderate to disturb others with your loud music.
There are many people who does that in the train and it is equally disturbing because honestly, not everybody wants to listen to your PSY’s Gentleman.

As the time goes by, they started saying aloud abt how cheap we were selling our stuff.
(Yes, i sold most of my stuffs at $5 each. Of cos, there are some items that are priced at $10 and above)

Though no names mentioned by them but there wasnt anybody around us selling as low as $5 like us.
So…who else can they be bitching?

It goes like that (in mandarin) “I wonder why some people would sell as low as $5 in this kinda place”

My heart was like “bitchplease, this kinda place? what place? it is Lucky Plaza, not ION. The shops inside Lucky Plaza itself were selling $5 and lower for a piece of new top – yes i recced and checked. Moreover, this is a flea. Most impt of all, it is really none of ur business how much we are selling our stuff ”

Ok people, so you know, if you are holding your flea there, just take note. The crowd is mostly our friends from Philippines, they prefer friendlier prices starting from as low as $1. I am serious. Anything above $5 is considered pricey. I guess it is the location and competitions.






The very very cute helper/CFO of the day. MUM! 😛

Well, i came up with the idea of selling 3 for $5 and yes, our neighbour ridiculed us in their sarcastic manners by shouting across to the air directing at us. Then they started peeping over at our stall, that dude who played loud music started studying my posters, 1 of them looked over at our display and rolled her eyes, the rest just keep checking how much we are selling.

Really, i find all that uncalled for. I was busy thinking of how to sell off everything i brought to the flea as i really do not want to see  them anymore.
Maybe i am selling them at ridiculously low price but it is better than keeping them at home that fetches Zero value.

I have to be honest, most of my dresses which i bought at $30/pc and above were sold off at $2 that day.
If you think i dont feel the ache, nah is not true. I do.

But as i mentioned, those dresses were pre owned, some pre loved which i do not wear anymore. Despite the good quality and condition, i basically do not touch them anymore, so it is pointless to leave them at home with me.

By noon, almost all the stall owners start to feel the same as me ( i think?). Initially, there was no 3 for $5 except for our booth, there was no 1 pc for $2 either. Guess every1 realise that prices need to be adjusted and thus by around 2pm, everyone is selling at the same price.

Needless to say, the neighbour opposite me who ridiculed me, followed my pricing all the way. Funny part is, they actually went to print posters like what we did.

No doubt, business is all about copying and seeing who can improvise and does better. I am fine with what they did. But i am not fine with their insults.

If it is me, i wouldnt copy some1 i insulted or ridiculed. 

It doesnt make sense.

I wouldnt check out my competitors’ sales and roll my eyes at their items either, there is something call RESPECT. By doing all that, it is not that you do not respect others, i think you do not respect yourselves and your items too.

Jealousy speaks alot about your self esteem. Enuff Said.

Then we had lunch, the chicken rice opp the flea was awesome and Mum ate that. Sis and i tried Jollibee. Despite the raves about it, we only find   the fries nice. Chicken is very MEH. Spag is MEH. You may try and q for approx 20mins if you really want to try but i am saying that it is not worth it. Even the chicken from the chicken rice stall opposite is more  crispy than the chicken at Jollibee. 😡

We continued to sell and 1 hr + before we close, we sold the items cheaper than ever. Everyone else is shouting for $1/pc.
Speaking of cheap items in BKK? Bitchpls, just pop to fleas in Singapore.

Of course, as i mentioned, venue plays a part. I am intending to get another venue for the next flea to test out different market and audiences.
Happy as some of the customers actually turned back with their friends and they recommended us to their friends. Some even left their numbers and requested for us to sms them on our next flea. Sis was good with PR and she managed to make many customers happy.
The neighbour wasnt too pleased and kept looking over with some hatred in their eyes. Even Justin (a friend of sis who came over to visit in the noon) felt the hatred targeted at us. We were like...Oh Whatever.

Maybe it is God’s arrangement. Maybe He just want us to wrk harder, maybe He knows that we are fighters not losers. We fight with our spirits and strive to do better and not crap with our mouths  and stare with our eyes.

At the end of the day, we cleared our space and threw away all the rubbish. The space was clean and Mum said that we need to behave like civilized people and not leave our trash around.
Our neighbour opposite, on the other hand, left tons of boxes around, with plenty of trash.

Speaking of being civilized….I think Mum really taught us well 😛 She has been asking me to keep my cool because we prayed before we made the 1st business of the day, and Mum said that Jesus is watching and He will not shortchange us.
Mummy is really cute. 🙂

We made quite abit from the flea, considering that the items sold were so extremely cheap. I am happy that we are able to get rid of things that we no longer wears, but they are no trash. They are all in very good condition and i am glad that the new owners of our clothes appreciate them more than us.



It was a tiring day but it was really good experience. We lost abit of cool towards each other but alls good.

Uncle fetched us home and Mum and i ended the night with very sinful Macs and a Leslie Cheung Movie while Sis went out with her bf.


It is the first time after countless weeks that i am able to sleep straight away upon lying on the bed. I was so tired. -_-

Then, another week starts today and i am still not very awake. Time flies and July is approaching, how scary.

On a side note, my gym and workout regime is doing me good, i will post pics soon, the arms are more toned and boy, i love what i see in the mirrors! :p



Remember these 2 dresses?
They were sold and the buyers really HEART the dresses vvvv much.
Sis managed to get another new piece of the Black Crochet Laced. We are selling it at our next Flea.
It is so lovely and has that wonderful slimming and flattering effects!
Fits UK 6 to UK8.

Stay tuned for our next flea!

Alright, i will y,plan for another flea in July, do stay tuned for the next flea as there are many Brand new items waiting to be owned!


Till then, God bless! 🙂


It is just sooooooooo meeeeeeeeeeee

Let’s Flea!

Hi Everybirdy!

This is just a post to inform you of the GREAT FLEA i am having (with my sister) tomorrow at Lucky Plaza!

Date: 15th June, Saturday 2013

Time: 12pm to 6pm

Venue: Lucky Plaza Level 6 (beside Jollibee)

I have been to different parties but never a FLEA PARTY. I am not sure what i am getting into but quite certain it is gonna be fun.

How Fun ah? – I am glad you asked.

I don’t know.

But brand new items (dresses/tops/bottoms) starting from $5 and pre owned items starting from $1?
(pre owned items diff from pre loved, pre owned means we owned them but never have the chance to wear them because 1)too small or big purchased online, 2) impulse buying) 

Bring a bigger carrier (if possible) to bag those lovely items home!

One of the very exclusive piece we are featuring is this GORGEOUS Crochet Lace LBD (BRAND NEW):

fleaModel: Lindy

Be charmed by this sophisticated crochet-laced tube dress with the sweet heart neckline flaunting your figure! Most appropriate for almost any occasion! Get yours on Sat! @ Flea Party, Lucky Plaza level 6 (besides Jollibee) emoji

As we are no celeb/bloggers/models/aliens/mermaids/wadever. You might have difficulty finding us. I have attached a peekture of us.  It is not hard to spot us (i think) and i have pink hair. Ok well, just strips of pink.


Ok, gtg.  See you on Sat!

P/S WE ARE HAVING A FLASH SALES AND CLOTHES BUFFET every hr! (items will be starting from as low as $1 for pre owned and $5 for brand new)

莫文蔚-陰天 (Aural Pleasure)

Super Loveeeeeee

陰天 在不開燈的房間 當所有思緒都一點一點沉澱
愛情究竟是精神鴉片 還是世紀末的無聊消遣
香煙 氳成一灘光圈 和他的照片就擺在手邊
傻傻兩個人 笑的多甜

開始總是分分鐘都妙不可言 誰都以為熱情它永不會減
也許像誰說過的貪得無厭 活該應了誰說過的不知檢點
總之那幾年 感性贏了理性那一面

陰天 在不開燈的房間 當所有思緒都一點一點沉澱
愛恨情慾裡的疑點 盲點 呼之欲出 那麼明顯

女孩 通通讓到一邊 這歌裡的細微末節就算都體驗
若想真明白 真要好幾年

回想那一天 喧鬧的喜宴

感情不就是你情我願 最好愛恨扯平兩不相欠
感情說穿了 一人掙脫的 一人去撿
男人大可不必百口莫辯 女人實在無須楚楚可憐
總之那幾年 你們兩個沒有緣

Vdates June (1)


I am back to blog about some updates.

Feeling very sleepy and lethargic now and i just wish to get this done and over with.

As usual, i know myself, if i drag this post any further, this post will never be up.

The past weeks were not very good for me, Mum was in the hospital and both Sis and i were so tired rushing  to hosp daily after work and we slept late everyday.

I think we still owe sleep debts and the weekends were really not enough.

Used to think that “having no time” is an excuse. Not till i finally realise that i literally have no time.

However, i managed to take some time off lunch to cycle in the gym, even if it is only 30 to 40 mins each time.

I used to hate exercising. SUPER HATE and MAJOR HATE. I know boys in the past who find Sporty girls hot and i was like “nah“. I know of sporty people in the past who never fails to try convincing me that exercising is good and Blah Blah Blah….

But i rejected and denied all Sports related topics.

However, thank God that due to my weight gain, i started to exercise.
Initially, it was really unbearable. It is like doing chores you hate, it is like super frustrating to me.

Before i start, i would like to say that i am not preaching about Health and Exercises because it can be rather boring, but i would like to share how i feel about Exercising . The views you are gona read will be coming from a person who has NEVER exercise since young (please do not include the Physical Education time in school), someone who really hated exercising.

Ok, at the beginning, i just want to shed some fats because i have gained weight though Chips and Chocs – nuff said (HAAA)
Comparing to the time i was really depressed while i was with my ex, i look alot more rounder than then. I was really sad and depressed back then and thus i look skinnier then.

Around a year ago.
Cant exactly find the pictures i took last time, this was during those times which i was not very happy (cant tell from the pic right?)
and i was kinda skinnier than now -_-
Pardon the damn wig.





IMG_20130602_2 LOL the picture without mosiac is super MEH!
Thats my Aunt’s place btw, i went to visit her.

I started with running. It was not too bad because each time after running, i feel much better about myself.
Not that i would see immediate effects of slimming, but i feel better because i managed to do something i never thought i would, i managed to run 30mins each time even though i thought i would collapse at the 15th minute.

There is a sense of achievement and is really fulfilling.

I feel the immediate effect of being ‘lightened’ (of course, there will not be differences in the weight THAT FAST and thus it is not the weight i am talking about), i am talking about  the muscles and the ‘lightening’ feeling one has after exercising.
It is something like how you would feel after a massage.

That was in April and i was still eating normally, not exactly clean.

In May, i started doing more exercises and i managed to do some squats and stretching and  toning. Till date, i am still not very diligent in doing them, which i am guilty of.
However, i started going to the gym.

Almost everyone i know tell me the following points:

1) Exercise does not requires you to waste Money. Signing up with a Gym is waste of Money.

2) Going to Gym does not help you with slimming down.

3) It is a waste of time.

Well, i used to think that way too.

However, i really enjoy the facilities of the gym and i love using the machines. I know that the treadmill doesnt help in slimming but i am fine, i dont really like running on that, i rather run on my own if i wana run.
(i have stopped running for more than a mth thou, however i substitute running with other exercises, more on that later)

And the reason why i decide to sign a package with the gym is because….

1) I do agree that exercising does not requires one to spend $. But i am a noob in sports, i do not know what kind of exercises to do on my own, i do not know where to start without the help of machines and PT (personal trainers).
Yes, i can watch Youtube and learn but honestly, that is a chore to me.

I am not saying that i am rich, i do not know the definition of ‘rich’ as it varies but i am def not in the ‘rich’ category. However, i  guess i can still afford that $100+/ mth at the moment.
I want to enjoy my exercise regime and searching for ways on Youtube  is definitely not enjoyable for me.
I want proper guidance and someone whom i can ask.
I want a place which i can go to, to do my workout. Thus i decided to spend this amount of money.
It is approximately $150 a month for my package. Which also means  that it costs me around $15 per visit IF i visit the gym 10 times a month.

It has been less than a month since i am with the gym, and i think i lost count in the number of times i go. Prolly more than 10? I honestly cant remember. But at $15/ per visit, it is really worth it. (that is if i visit 10 times a month, if i visit more times a month, for eg. 15, it basically means i pay only $10 per visit)

There are also free lessons, which might cost a bomb if you sign up outside (i used to sign up lessons with the Community Centers and yeah, they arent exactly cheap)

2) I was saying how much i hated exercising right? To me, it was never easy to exercise because i was never a sporty person. I was lazy and i still am lazy to a certain extent. Exercising is not exactly enjoyable because i hated to sweat, i hated how i look during exercising (super unglam), i hated the out of breathe feeling.
I did not exactly excel in school for exercising and i used to think i am just not cut out for exercising.

However, during this period of time which i attempted to exercise, i find that i have fallen in love with working out.
It is a very refreshing feeling each time. On days which i am very tired and sleepy, i will usually rest but sometimes i push myself to cycle for at least 30mins and i usually feel super refreshed aft that.
I am not sure why but it is supposed to be good that one feels refreshed after exercising than feeling sick and tired after working out.

I do not know when exactly did i fall in love with exercising but i know i did. On days which i did not workout, i will feel guilty and i will yearn for another session of work out.
Is like…not seeing your bf/gf and you yearn to see them and feel them (and i am talking about the bf/gf that you really love and not the ones you are sick of, haha) Sorry but that is like the nearest description.

Thus i really do not mind if i slim down or not. Of course, it is a bonus to slim down, i would Love to slim down after exercising so much. But if i dont, i will not feel so shortchanged because exercising is like love to me now, i do not lose out either way because i am doing something i love and this thing that i love does not harm my body like “smoking” (i used to love smoking). Instead, i stay healthier because of exercising.

It is a win win situation.

Oh, and yah, i kinda replaced Running with Swimming and Cycling. I cant really swim well but i can swim, i cant cycle (ride a bicycle) but i cycle on the machines in the gym.
I enjoy doing these  than running and thus i have not been running.

Honestly, if you ask me, i rather do the workouts i enjoy doing than forcing myself doing something i dread.
Is not  that i hate running, but i really love swimming and cycling more.
And for more intensive cardio workouts, i use the step up machines.
I believe that one will continue the workout regime and not quit halfway only if it is enjoyable.

3) as i mentioned, it is a win win situation thus it is not a waste of time. Maybe it is the age. But i really regret taking care of my body only now because no $ can buy health. Even though i am not sick and all now, but it is good to take care of our bodies earlier as prevention is better than cure.

As alot of you already knew, i have a very irritating colleague who diss me daily because i exercise. She would say the following:

1) Gym and trainning with a PT is a waste of $. My friend did that for 3 mths and he did not slim down at all.

2) You are eating clean everyday but you are still not seeing results, so what are you planning to do in the future? Not eating rice and noodles forever?

3) I sincerely think you are not slimming down.

4) Cycle again? how much can 20 to 30 mins of cycling help?

5) i used to swim and lift weights, cycle and run. I know how exercising doesnt help in slimming. Besides, you are doing less than what i used to do in the past, how to slim down?

6) i dont know how long more are you gonna take to slim down.

7) and many more…

Frankly, i am very offended. Yes, i am sucha person, if you call me petty, i am fine too. I am like that and i do not wish to hide. Yes, i know alot of people tell me to just ignore people like that. But i cant help feeling terrible because i have never met someone so negative, insulting, discouraging, and ignorant at the same time.

I have repeated myself umpteen times of how i love to exercise and how  i dont mind eating lesser rice (no human should eat large amount of carbo like rice and noodles anyway).
And i am doing all these now because i love to, i am willing to, NOT only because i am trying to shed fats.


Basically, i disagree with the saying Eat To Live. I do not think that one should only eat to live. There are so many varities of food in the world, there are so much good food and why should we just eat to live? That is a waste.
Food is not just fuel, it can be an indulgence and i feel we should indulge in good food, even fattening ones, but in moderate portions. Everything in life has to be moderate, too much of anything is not good.

Thus i do not think that eating clean should be a 24/7 routinebut it is a must. Likewise, fast food and food that is not so healthy should be consumed in moderate portions too. We shouldnt live to regret (of not eating nice food! )

 Mac Cheese (carbo + cheese + meat!)

She obviously doesnt get it. Or maybe she is just trying to be sarcastic as she lost 8kg due to TRA (a kind of fat burner, slimming programme by Nuskin).

I mentioned that i would try to take that TRA if i am damn rich as it costs 2k plus for 3months and thats the minimum fee to pay. It is effective and proven to be very good, it is not dangerous too. But i am not that rich.

Besides, i mentioned i love to do what i am doing now because Exercising boosts one’s confidence, and gives a kinda positive vibe to a person. Through exercising, i also learnt the logic of “Rome is not built in a day”. Everything has to happen slowly at its due time, depending on the effort you put in. Nothing comes easy. Seeing the muslces building on my arms, my triceps getting harder and more defined, i feel extremely proud of myself and i feel really good. ( i will take pictures the next time round to show, will also try to dig for ‘before’ pics and do a comparison).

To be honest, everyone knows and everyone says theories easily. I used to know the logic of “Rome isnt built in a day” but it is just saying. Not until i go through the various times of working out, then i realise that somethings cannot be rushed. I am experiencing the theory while others are just saying it using mouths. This logic applies very well in life, in alot of aspects. The confidence that exercise provides, makes me feel good about myself, makes me feel proud of the efforts i put in. The sweat, the tiny improvement of stamina and the tiny hardened muscles are all my achievements.

And no slimming programmes and pills can do that. I would love to lose more weight and shed more fats at the shortest time but i dont deny i love the feeling of working for what i want instead of short fixes. In chinese, we call it 苦尽甘来, working hard for something and reaping the rewards.

Well, i do not know how would i feel months later, it might be another short term interest of mine? Shrugs. But as long as i know, i am still yearning more of my cycling and swimming sessions. 😛

Actually, I didnt want to include this part as i really have no desire to talk about these people. But i couldnt help it, this crazy colleague was giving me 1 of those nonsense time again. I tried to ask God why am i in this place. Because my colleagues are really terrible people. They like to gossip and they like to judge, they like to insult and they like to hurt. Not only to me but towards each other, towards everybody.
Every single one of them, even the guys.

Women gossip and people think  that is detestable? Try knowing gossipy men in my company, they gossip about my attendance (due to my constant absence recently due to my genuine sickness and my mum’s hospitalisation issue), they gossip about this and that, they gossip about how thing are not done on my side (i am not defending myself but they should question my Boss why things are not done – it is due to the lack of budget and i am not responsible for that)

I know i have done my work, in terms of Marketing wise, i have done my part and proposed all that i can. Marketing isnt some admin work, i need funds to do my work, i need supportive team members to execute my ideas, to help in the operation and execution.  I have NONE and to make things worse, i have ignorant colleague correcting me when they themselves are making stupid judgement.

For eg. This colleague asked me to correct my spelling, he said: Val can u please check that typo?

I: what typo?

He: Staffs and not Staff, we have many staffs in the company.

I: there is no such word as staffs. It is like People, not “peopleS”

He gave a look and asked me in the most doubtful voice: Is it?

I: yah.

He smirked.

How rude is that right? I am ok if you are right and you correct me, but i am not ok when you yourself is wrong and you try to correct me. After i told you the truth, you disbelieve and shake your head STILL thinking that you are right.

IMG_20130604_212647I understand this but i am really not very happy over his ignorant opinion.
Sorry but i dont think he deserves to be called a ‘sheep’ either.

I think i need Grace. Tons of them. 😦

Y are all my colleagues like that???

1 says that exercise is a waste of time, it is not good to do exercise, it doesnt help to slim down and etc (honestly i really roll my eyes at these)

The other actually suggest me to correct “MY TYPO”?

I have more to share but sharing about them just makes me unhappy.

I really wonder why God put me here. I am miserable everyday. If not for the money and the plan i have on hand at the moment….



Well, to make myself feel better, at least Mum is discharged and is at home now. I hope she recover soon.


I am tired and i am tired of typing already. I will update soon and hopefully i bring good news in my next post.

Some Camwhore moments…

My Sunday swim at gf’s and visiting aunt after that. Photobomb by irritating sis.

IMG_20130609_1 IMG_20130605_142214I love my triple eye lid because Leslie has it too! Same eye too! Left side. 😛
Just Random.


Ok i like this picture. Thank you. 🙂
Pardon the basins.

Til then` God Bless

It is not emergency unless you are dying – Local hospital’s A&E

images (1)

Hi everyone.

I am extremely tired and i think i am suffering from Fatigue.

The past few days were really challenging and i am really really drainned.

Firstly, i would really like to thank God  that Mum is feeling ok but i believe she can feel better.

I believe the hospital she stays in can be more responsible in providing safer and satisfying services.

Trust me, if i were to write down my experience with Singapore General Hospital, i might really include some unsightly crude words.

Really, pardon me.

But i was really really appalled by the service of sucha huge organization.

Thus i copied the feedback my little sis wrote to the hospital. You will also get a better idea as she is very detailed in writing this feedback.

We doubt it helps but we are waiting for the Hospital’s response.

Here you go:
About 2 weeks ago, I brought my mum to A&E after being referred by my family doctor due to her severe pain and internal bleeding of her right knee.

I can understand the waiting time, but not for the explanation and ambiguous diagnosis.

She was given a X-ray and was told to discharge shortly after being prescribed some painkillers, and we were told that if the pain occurs again, she may come in to A&E and see the doctor and following by warding my mum.

2 weeks later, my mum is still in pain and the painkiller doesn’t seems to be working either, so we brought her in to A&E again, as instructed, to see doctor and be warded for further investigation.
We were then being denied to let my mum to be warded.

The second time she went to A&E, the doctor just took 2 tubes of blood without telling us why, so we asked.
After gotten the answer, we were told to wait outside, and shortly after, my mum was told to discharge, with the cannula still plastered over at my mum’s brachial artery.

I felt that this shouldn’t be what a hospital should be doing, with the ambiguous explanation and service given. Nothing was done except being prescribed the same painkillers again and drawing out of 2 tubes of blood.
We have been rather patient with the staff till we realize we are just been told to wait aside again and again without telling us the reason again. To be discharged with the same painkillers again, which we have informed the doctor that the medicine aren’t doing anything for my mum;

1)same medicine was given again
2)the cannula is still plastered at my mum’s vein
3) Doctor did not explain anything or even diagnose her anything, all she did was based on the previous report to explain to us which we think that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

We supposed that A&E is a department where the patient will be further investigated, with clear instructions and diagnosis and explanation before one can be discharged, as the pain is not being made up, is urgent and requires immediate intervention and attention to the patient.
I believe the service can be made better.
I am writing this not only for my mum, and also hope that the quality and service can be improvised to build a better environment for all patients.

Honestly, if you want to hear from me, i would suggest that you should go to a private hospital if you are sick and if you can afford it. Many told me that i shouldnt complain because this is a government hospital to begin with, because they subsidize on the fees, their services will therefore be discounted  too.

I really understand this  is how it works. But this is Singapore. You do know which BIG shot visits this hospital whenever he is sick right?

Even if we cant be treated fairly and equally, i thought the basic level of service should be met.
The MOs (that attended to us) were young kids and they cant even speak properly and clearly (their replies were always “DONT KNOW”), some cant even speak proper English, some took patient’s blood without informing (even my GP can do better) some behave like very lost students when asked about patient’s conditions (fyi, they freaking shrugged away)

I understand that these Medical Officers have to start somewhere and we have to give them chances to, but at the expense of our patients? Really?

A&E means Accident and Emergency and having MOs like them around is really dire. I am not here to judge their skills and professions but they do not even possess basic courtesy? 1 of the MOs even snapped sarcastically at us.

Even my Malaysian colleague is shocked at what i went through, she said that she always thought that this kinda situation only exist in Malaysia.
Honestly, me too. I have never knew this can happen in Singapore.

Really feel so stressed running around to hospital n home with Sis, we are so tired. It doesnt help when the service at the hospital is at its lowest.
I am now considering various Insurance policies because i am really terrified with the experience i had  this time. If we can afford, or if the insurance policy we buy is flexible, i will go straight to a private hospital (touchwood! but i am saying if we are sick in future) anytime.

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