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Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Review

So life has been hectic for me but i am not complaining. However, that also means that you will see less of my posts.

Gosh, i have so many backdated posts and i am so running out of time. 😦

But anyway, i have a review today which i reckon most of you ladies will be very keen and interested.

biore_micellar_cleansing_waterPhoto credits: Guardian

I received the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water and was really excited to try. Look, every lady is constantly looking for the best makeup remover.
However, everyone defines ‘best’ in different ways, some like it non alcoholic, some like it oil based, some like it to be more convenient – like a wipe or something.

Previously, Biore has this Oil based Cotton Facial Sheets and i thought that was quite good. It  cleans off (make up) quite quickly and effectively in my opinion.

I wouldnt say Biore produces the best make up remover products but i believe they are constantly R&D-ing till they are among the top brands that have the most ranges of make up remover products for consumers.

Anyway, i am not a fan of oil based make up remover. I hate the greasy feeling, i hate  that removing make up has to be oily and makes my face feel like a piece of roti prata. That is also why i did not bother to remove my make up and simply just cleanse my face using normal cleanser.

When i receive the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, i am quite hopeful that it will work as well as the Cotton Facial Sheets.

Firstly, let me just go through the mandatory introduction to this product:

Biore, the No. 1 Makeup Remover brand in Singapore and Japan, has recently expanded its makeup remover selection through the launch of the New Biore Micellar Cleansing Water, a water-based Makeup Remover that has high cleansing abilities yet gentle enough for all skin types.  

Using Watery Micellar Technology, this lightweight and refreshing makeup remover lifts off more traces of makeup in just 1 wipe, including mascara and eyeliner.  Made with Natural Mineral Water from the Japanese Alps, it is gentle on skin and leaves a refreshing, non-sticky and non-oily after feel on skin.  

 – Oil free

– Fragrance free

– Alcohol free 

– Colorant free

– Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)

– Allergy and opthalmologst tested  

Photo is not filtered nor edited

Make up i had on my face :  Eyebrow drawn, Dark Brown Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Highlight and shadowing on my nose, lipstick
There isnt any mascara as i am having eyelash extension

Below shows you the results of mine, after cleaning with the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water
IMG_20140921_2Full make up on.


Directions are quite straightforward:

Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad. Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe off makeup. No rinsing required. For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping off. Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is cleaned.

I cleaned my left side (your right) to show the  comparison. Eyebrow was previously drawn was wiped away, highlights and shadows on the nose gone, brown eyeshadow is gone too. Lipstick remains thou.

For clearer comparison.

IMG_20140921_898% of the make up removed. Small amount of lip stains still  visible as you can see.

Overall, i will rate this product a 8.5/10 firstly because it is very convenient. Thou it did not manage to remove my lip stains completely, it is still considered quite good when it comes to removing the rest of the make up. As i am having eyelash extension on, this product is a perfect match for me. As oil based make up remover is a big NONO for ladies with eye lash extension, this cleansing water is the ideal make up remover.

The cleansing water does not leave any greasy or sticky texture after cleansing (claps claps!), I felt refreshed after removing all the makeup.
But i would prefer  double cleansing  although the cleansing water serves a second function as normal cleansing.

I personally love this product just because it is not oil based and it is good news for my eye lashes (haha) and i will continue using it till i find a better and more affordable price.

Retailing: S$18.90
Available: All pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, major departmental stores from 15 August 


Hi all!

LOVEIGE is back with their Pre Fall Wondrous Collection and there are much more designs to choose from! Ranging from Monochrome to colorful prints, casual off duty must haves to elegant bridesmaid dresses and of course, beautiful floral prints that never go out of style!


Another more rewarding fact is that, you enjoy FREE SHIPPING (normal postage) if you are on their mailing list!
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newarrival34 launching newarrival3

Like the previous launch, if you spend $50 and above, you are entitled for 1 X complimentary Manicure and Pedicure treatment by Prettify Me The Nail  Therapy that is located at the heart of Orchard Road, The Concorde Hotel.

Only applicable to the first 3 customers*



There will also be giveaway contests in their Facebook and Instagram, hurry and add them up to enjoy perks and stand to win giveaways!

Ok, enough of typing, more pictures for you ladies!




The Mythical Elegance series, suitable for bridesmaids/wedding/ dates and even work if you decide to wear it boat neck style!




I super love this dress and i own 1 too. I wore it to work with a jacket over, and after work, i just have to take off the outer piece and i receive praises from the BF and friends!


This Crop  top is my favorite piece now. Neither too short not long. Absolute perfect for casual and work. 
It is made of Tweed material, very special indeed! 

This is my favorite dress to work, i can eat almost anything and still be chilled about it due to its cutting!
Not forgetting the trumpet details, oh so lovely! 😀

This piece of Crop top is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
Definitely a head turner. Whether at work or a date!

It is a pity i can’t fit to it, if not, i will definitely wear it to death! haha.
Suitable for smaller frames.


This is 1 pair of Chunky Heels which i wear to work almost everyday. 
Not only it is comfy to walk in, it is also the current trend now.
And who would have imagined the affordable price of this lovely pair? 
Only retailing at $27.90!


Here are some of my own pictures, wearing the above :p

Processed with VSCOcam






Processed with VSCOcam

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