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Bye 2012, Hi 2013!



I am still around, havent disappear abit. Just that, i dont feel like writing/speaking/interacting much recently.

I do not know exactly how to explain here, call me being isolated, but i feel free without much interactions with the world (at least, for this period of time).

No Social Media, No Whatsapp and Smses (not much, unless necessary. sorry if  i didnt reply much to the msges) – the feeling is awesome.

I guess at some points of your life, you would wana stay away from all these stuffs, and just spend time by yourself and with people you deem worthy.

I just want to be alone. Now. Like, really alone, no parties, no hangouts, no dinner with frens (i still love the frens).
But just alone at home, watching my fav shows and drama series/movies, talking to Mum, accompanying her and aunt.
It feels the same as a getaway holiday, except that i am still in SG.

Some of my friends commented  that i am leading a 35yr old’s boring life, things i do are very routine and doesnt seem like a 20ish yr old person wud do.

Actually, i kinda think so too (haha!), but i really do enjoy alone time, perhaps i just need a break from everything, the politics from work, the drama from some friends, the disappointments given by friends, physical stress, mental stress, wadever!

But, as much as i am giving signals of being depressed, please rest assure i am NOT suffering from Depression.
Yep, i aint depressed!

I just need time to be alone, i realised that is been very long since i spend time with ‘Myself’ and i really cherish tis ‘Me’ time.

And, and and! thanks people who care, who care to come to this corner to read about me, to know and find out how am i.

But i am really NOT APPRECIATIVE OF THIS following:



People who know me, even if is just acquaintances, know that I HATE PORNOGRAPHY. I was so shocked to see this in my stats. I mean, i see what people type in search engines like Google or yahoo to search for blogs to read, to search for my blog or anything i blog about that is related to their interest for eg. (Christ/ Church/ a-friend’s-name).


Ok, i do not know how it appears there, probably because i blogged about SEX previously. But it was healthy, nothing sexual or porno. It is just a blog post about how i view casual sex and how it shouldnt be condoned.

So, no matter what it is, if you are a porno freak, you are not welcomed here. I mean it, YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED here.


Ok, whatever it is, I hope my pointed is noted, nothing wrong about lustful or sexual people, i am not saying i am so ‘saintly’ that i find sex disgusting, nope, i just find porno ( porno lovers) very sick.
Ntg wrong with watching porno (to some people, not to me), but i just dont fancy being friends with porno lovers nor being associated with them. Call me judgemental but it is a problem to be dealt with, it is not healthy and it is proven scientifically, for a single OR a person in a r/s.

Well well, that is that.

There are million of things to be unhappy about, like seriously.

But i still want to be thankful. I hope i can rant it all out before this year end!

Like, the annoying colleagues who are playing politics everyday, that are questioning you on your jobscopes when they should be minding their own business. Sincerely, i hope they are happy after all these ill and evil mind games.
I still thank God i am employed that is.

Like, the certain group of friends whom you thought you treasure till you feel so upset  that they keep disappointing you.
I still thank God that HE reminded me that i aint perfect too.

Like, the family member that is so distant from you…
I still thank God that HE keep her safe from harm and  that’s all it matters.

Alright, 2012 has been a year of ups and down. And as i mentioned before, 2012 was really a much better (x100) year than 2011. My 2011 was disastrous!

I have been watching this TW drama (ok i am really slow as this show was sucha old show and everyone has watched it except me) call 犀利人妻.
My 2011 is almost like the female lead in that show, except that i aint married and i thank God i aint. Haha.

Not on r/s alone, but as a whole, i was like An Chen (the female lead in the show), inferior and feeling small about myself, getting used to that comfort zone and refused to improve, hiding all the potentials in myslf, full of self-pity, putting my hope on a wrong man (just that the male lead in the show doesnt abuse his wife la, he betray only. ok, thats bad enough-but i got both from my ex. LOL)

Whatever, i feel tired to even type about 2011.

I am just glad that my 2012 is filled with love and salvation, i believe i wrote about my better 2012 previously, so you go read my earlier post if you dont know what has changed in my life. haha.

But Praise Lord, now my dear aunty whom i have nt been speaking with for years, has started to join me and mum more often for gatherings and has opened her heart to Christ. 🙂
I feel God is very good, HE is leading the impossibles (yes, my aunty was rather skeptical and not so friendly nor nice in the past) to HIM. And slowly, one by one, my family members (in this case, my aunt) are closer to HIM and also me! Wee!
Salvation 2012!

Ok, maybe i will touch more on 2012 (or maybe not?) in my next post.

After this long long post, i just want to use this chance to greet everyone a ” HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013″! 2012 has been good, but the best has yet to come and 2013 will be your (and my!) BEST YEAR as yet! 

I dont believe in New Year Resolution because usually, not many people that i know of can do what they have listed. #trustory
To me, if you want to change for the better, you can do it ANYTIME. There is no need for wadever NY resolution.

So to 2013:
– I pray for the safety and good health of the people i love, my mum, sis, aunt Carol, my cousie and her mum, granny and uncles.
– I pray for Salvation for my family members
– I pray for myself, to not only be employed (still) but prospering with knowledge and wisdom!
– the list might go on but seriously, I pray for God’s presence (for with His presence, the list can be shortened & everything else will      be in place. hurhur)

I am counting down to knock off (another 5hrs) and celebrating with Mummy! You have a good and very blessed 2013 ya!






Lotsa Love,

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days o’ lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne!

We twa hae run about the braes,
And pu’d the gowans fine,
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot
Sin’ auld lang syne.

We twa hae paidl’t in the burn
Frae morning sun till dine,
But seas between us braid hae roar’d
Sin’ auld lang syne.

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,
And gie’s a hand o’ thine,
And we’ll tak a right guid willie-waught
For auld lang syne!

And surely ye’ll be your pint’ stoup,
And surely I’ll be mine!
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne!

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to everybody!




To me, Christmas is ALL about Jesus.

Happy Bday my dearest Jesus. I Love You!

Have a good celebration and i am counting down to knocking off, 40 more mins! -_-zzz

Whats for 101?


I just realise that this is my 101th post. Haha. I gave my 100th post to Leslie Cheung and i didnt realise only until i posted the previous post.

Is ok, i adore him very much anyway.

Well, i thought the 101th post should be some special post since it is the 101th post.
Hmm, but i haven tot of anything to write about now! Argh!

Well, i talked about myself briefly, in the post before the previous one. I do regular updates on events in my life (except the recent ones, christmas services with family and pressie shopping).

Oh right, i am supposed to share abit on that but i missed out. But i am so lazy to post pictures now 😦

Also, 101th post shouldnt just be about my happenings right?

I have so much to share actually, yet, it seems like not.

Alright, i really am lost for this 101th post. Any suggestions on what you would like to read?

Btw, i am fine with PM

Till then, be blessed and nope, it is NOT end of world yet. haha




張國榮 紅

This is so precious.  The demo of ‘Red’. A song by my favourite Singer.
It is just..Sexy.

When Cantopop meets Trip Hop

A Trip Hop piece:

In the Western Music industry now, Lady Gaga mixes Pop with Techno with great success.
In the Asian Music world way back, Leslie Cheung already introduced Canto-pop into another level. 
Similar to the above, he was also best  known for his flamboyant fashion performances.

Original Piece of ‘Red’:

Not many people dig this performance. Some feel that it is too heavy, some commented that it is too ‘gayish’.
I feel it  is just perfect, if you look beyond Gender, and view the performer as a performer, as an individual, it is very captivating.

p/s: Trip hop (or trip-hop) is a genre consisting of downtempo electronic music, originating in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, especially Bristol. Deriving from “post”-acid house,[3] the term was first used by the British music media and press as a way to describe the more experimental variant of breakbeat which contained influences of soul, funk and jazz.[3] It has been described as “Europe’s alternative choice in the second half of the ’90s”, and “a fusion of hip hop and electronica until neither genre is recognisable.”[4] Trip hop music fuses several styles and has much in common with other genres; it has several qualities similar to ambient music,[3] its drum-based breakdowns share characteristics with hip hop,[3] and it also contains elements of house, dance, R&B and dub reggae. Trip hop can be highly experimental in nature.[3]


A piece of me


It is Monday again. Honestly, i do not really like Mondays unless it is a public holiday.


I was on 2 days leave last week and is back to work today. Totally love the days i was on leave, sleep as and when i want, wake up anytime i want.

I cant wait for more days like that.

Also, i have been praying hard for that year end  bonus to come, so that i can execute my plan of __. fingers crossed, God bless!

Anyway, i thought it has been sometime since i started this blog. A few months. I do not have plenty readers. But i think it is enough, and all i really want to do is to share some positive and good stuffs though i will sometimes whine and rant abit.

My readers might not be the close friends, as my friends arent normally the ones that read blogs. Anyway, i wont know who are the ones reading lah.
I see a few from other countries, Thailand, Hong Kong, Msia, and also the USA, France and etc.

Anyway, Friends or not, maybe i would like to let my readers to know me better?

I shall start with a small biography 😛


Name: Valencia Faith Zhong/ Valencia Cheng
Pinyin: Zhong Mei Yi
Origin: Singapore
Born: 5th May
Other name: Valliez, Val, Mei, Lesley
Family: Mum and younger Sister
Loves of Life: Mummy, Jesus, Family ( & relatives)
Religion: Christianity
Church: City Harvest Church
Occupation: God’s servant, Marketing Industry
Influences: Jesus Christ, Pastor KongHee, Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor Joyce Mayer, Pastor Phil Pringle, Leslie Cheung
Fav Food: Mum’s homecook food/ Fried rice/ Chinese Food/Chocs
Fav Number: 8
Fav Actors/Actress: Leslie Cheung, Channing Tatum, Hugh Grant, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Chow Yun Fatt, Scarlette Johanson, Leonardo Dicarpio
Fav Singers/Music: Leslie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, LaidBack Luke, House & Electro, Pop, Canto, Oldies, Evergreen
Fav Movies: PS I Love You, Passion of Christ, Happy Together, The Vow, Marley & Me, Shutter Island, I love Philip Morris, Hangover, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, all of Leslie Cheung’s movies, Infernal affairs
Games/Exercises: Halo, Left 4 dead, Gear of War, Resident Evil, Badminton, Swimming, Bowling

Ok, done! Short and sweet list i have there.
It might not describe me entirely but i hope its enough to have that slight brief idea about me.

Ayte, i gtg. Enjoy your week everyone!

You have got msg, Jesus!

Hi Jesus,

I miss you. Sorry that i have been spending lesser time and paying lesser attention to You these days.

I have never forget You and You are still the core of my life.





I love You.

Joy to the world, Jesus came! (Updates + early Xmas post)



Merry Xmas! I love December, my fav mth of the year. Yah, my fav mth is not May, not my bday mth. I love xmas.

*Would love to thank WordPress for this awesome snow feature! So cute isnt it, seeing snow falling dwn while reading. Weee
(I changed the theme of my blogskin, this isnt exactly my fav skin tbh. I like white skins. But i will kp it till Jan because of the falling snow effects. I tot a darker skin goes nicer with the falling snow)

 Even way before i am a Christian, i love xmas. I thought it is a very romantic festival. Haha. i dont even know why. Maybe it is in the mth of December and even though there will never be snow in Singapore, but we are all yearning for snow in our hearts! 🙂

However, after i became a Christian, Xmas means more than just romance/fun/parties/turkeys/music. It means very very much to me. It is a day to commemorate You-Know-Who. Haha. I LOVE JESUS!

Yes, it is to commemorate His Holy Birth. Words cant describe hw thankful i am to Him. Born to earth to suffer as human and for us. Ever wonder y the whole world celebrates Xmas though not everyone is a Christian? I am not sure too, but i (hope to) believe there is a place for Jesus in everyone 😛

Anyway, many people do make use of Christmas to get themselves intoxicated in clubs. Tsktsk. If thats what you are intending to do, please dont ok? Use this day to spread love to more people (more on that later), show love to your family and loved ones 🙂 Jesus is about Love, Christmas is about Jesus, so…Show Love!

I am listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album now. My heart is dancing. hurhur.

I was feeling chirpy when i start writing this post till those nasty colleagues start irritating me again. I kp telling myself i need to really chill.


L stands for 1 of those nasty people i face. Me is me la.

L: eh, y is M so much better than u ah? y isit that she can do it and you cant ar?
Me: I dont do photoshop, i dont know how and i stated that i am a Marketer and i dont touch design works. I conceptualize but i dont do manual design works.
L: dont know why she can and u cant.
Me: y dont u get her back then?

Look, i wasnt trying to b mean, i am extremely pissed off yes, bt i really hope they can be clear abt my jobscope. I tried my best in designing using Microsoft and if my best isnt enough, then i guess is obvious whats best for both of us right? I duno y people here likes to demean people lidat.

Another one added in:

A: Oh, we cant blame u. The previous gals are more intelligent generally.

(yah, call me sensitive but does she mean i m like…stupid? i dont meddle with designs but it doesnt mean i didnt contribute to the company, moreover, i am never a designer to start with)

On my 1st day at work, i was told that i am ugly, I am not pretty, I am merely ok looking because of my thick make up (n i only put on eyeliner and foundation at wrk). I am really ok, (if it was the past, i would b really upset). What i cant accept is, how can they be so rude huh?
I was told by the people here abt hw nasty is the wrking environment and hw nasty is the boss.

Oh, and i realised, they might be talking abt themselves since day 1. Really.

So, thats about my working environment basically. Everyday, there are gossips flying around and there are hurting words and statements floating around. To be honest, i am not very happy but i have told myself to not be affected by such people…though is not that easy.

Anyway, enough, because the more i talk about it, the more i m bitter. I might as well touch on happy stuffs.

Ok, this Xmas, i will probably spend with my mummy. Though she sleeps really early. I will see if there are other plans or anything. Yes, i admit it is kinda boring to spend with the tv and your teddy bears. I do not particularly need a bf to be with me but it will be nice if you can spend with a loved one. My friends are prolly nt really planning for anything. I am still thinking what can i do to make my Xmas more meaningful this year and not just spend it like any other year.

1 year flew pass and i remember i was a total wreck 12 months ago. A total wreck that cries everyday. haha.

Actually, looking back, i dont think i achieve alot but i think i am better off, and is SO MUCH better off, after 12months.
Seven said that i achieved alot in this 12months, well, thank u my dear  but i personally dont think so.

Maybe i can list down what r the changes that took place and hw my life is better? Yea.

1) No longer in fear, no longer tying myself to the bondage of fear
2) No longer is abused physically and mentally
3) Spending more time with family, get to know and understand Mum’s thinking, feelings and her life more.
4) Earning better than previous jobs
5) Spending more financially on Mum, providing a more comfortable life for her
6) Serving in a ministry in Church
7) Helping out in various voluntary works
8) Manage to control my temper though not fully but am more disciplined
9) Manage to noe how to save $
10) Manage to be less calculative with $
11) Learnt how to pray with boldness
12) Learnt how to not feel lazy (especially when needed to wake up early to do hardcore labour works for some poor families)

Actually the list can go on but i cant think of anymore now, so make do with 12. Oh ya! Haha, there is this song call 12 days of Christmas! And there is an Indian version, it is super cute. I posted in my FB. I shall post here. Haha.

This Christmas, Mummy is going to Church with me to celebrate again. I cant be anymore happier. Last year, she missed the candlelight service, this year, she is going for both candlelight service and main service. I am also praying hard to bring my Aunt along. Pray for me ok!

My friends, Gary and Seven, did their part in spreading love for children at a charity event last week. Though we are not exactly doing the same thing together, but i feel happy knowing that, though we are not in the event together, the 3 of us are actually doing our part for the children/needy this Xmas. I participated in City Harvest Church Bag of Love, it is completely voluntary and i am given the chance to buy gifts for the children in the children church.
We can choose to give to the kids from Children church or the kids from JAMs church (these kids are mentally challenged).

Here is my gift bag to the kid at JAMs Church! (though i do not know which kid will get to receive my gift bag, but i pray that God bless the kid n shower the kid with His Love!)



 So this is Winnie the Pooh Bottle. Cute right?
I bought all the items in blue, because i thought it is nicer than errr Pink? Of cos, i hope the volunteers in church will help to match the right gift to the suitable kid lah. Dont think they will give a girl this bag since the items are all blue and alittle ‘boyish’. However, i thought, a girl wont mind the color and can use the items too but if i buy pink….not many boys would like?

How Cute! Mickey and Minnie Pencil Case.


PhotoFrame, i dont know what else to buy and i just grab whatever i see.


Painting Palatte


I won this Monkey at a Catholic Church CharityFair. I was there with my ex Nicholas several years ago. It has always been wrapped up since day 1. It is still VERY NEW, so i am not giving away items i dont want ok. I just love this monkey and honestly, it is not very difficult to give the items that are purchased like the above. But it is not easy to part with something i cherish, and i thought, since i am giving a gift, i should give with something i find hard  to part with. Thats where the real blessing goes right? haha. ok, perhaps only i think this way. But anyway, the monkey is on its way to the kid! May monkey bring along my best wishes!


I forgot what is the name of this Elephant! Pencil set!


I love drawing whiteboards when i was young but mum didnt like it so she always refuse to buy for me whenever i beg  for one.
Even up till today, she insist that the marker is ‘toxic’ and it will be harmful for kids who come in contact with the marker pen -_-


The Complete set 🙂20121201_153947 There is this distributor near my place. Thus the above are not very expensive.
Not to say i am cheapskate, but what i mean is, you can get nice stuffs at a value for $ price also.
I checked for the quality too, and it is really not ‘cheapskate’ at all!


Mascots around the Church for Family weekend. Lindy (beside the skinny Koala)  is the lady in my Ministry group 🙂IMG_20121130_6IMG_20121130_5


IMG_20121130_4Had Dim Sum Dinner + Desserts with my family on Friday evening last week.

Mum says there is no space for Xmas tree.
But i am going to Daiso anyway, to see if there is anyting i can find (to decorate).
(hopefully my 2 days  leave – this week, will be approved)
Lol. i remember how i used to hang socks on my bed and my sis’s bed when we were young. In order to not disappoint her, i would put some fake pressies, like sweet and lego pieces into the socks and tell her it is from Santa.

So, there you go, my updates. I promised to continue from where i left off (my last blog post).
However, not in the mood to write about disappointments today.
But i will definitely touch on that, later.

This Xmas, i urge you to spread love to people around you, or just do something to share and give!
This is a way advance Xmas post, maybe i will be back with more xmas posts!
Because i will never get enough of Xmas!
Ayte, gtg
Till then.


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