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This has been keeping me excited for the whole day.


Releasing soon.

Leslie Cheung’s Ex manager discussing about the toy and the up coming concert in commemoration  of the Legend.


Looks terribly real.
NW1361433430n0C (1)

I have to be honest, it is not gona be cheap. I am not a toy collector and thus it is expensive to me (approx $250 per toy figurine).
My friend was telling me it is a waste of $.

But i have to get this no matter what. It is like..1 of the last items (of him) i can get hold of.
What do you think?

Super love this.
If you are interested as well, you may log on here for more info.

I wanted to hide the link actually, apparently, not many people know where to get this (yet).
But i decided to be gracious and not so selfish. Haahhaa.

I called HK and was directed to the distributor in SG. So i basically called everywhere to get info of the figurine.

SG distributor still unsure if they will be bringing in the figurine (i did my usual whinnings to them. haha)
Was told  that there were a few enquiries already. Wonder who else in SG is as excited (about Leslie) as me.

Will update once it launches.



(Updated as of 530pm, 28 Feb 2013)

Ok, my friend who just promoted to bff status (BECAUSE HE SHARES THE SAME BDAY AS LESLIE HAHAHAHA) pasted a link on my FB and i just found out that this Toy is of Limited Edition. FML.

Meaning more people will wana buy since it is limited.

I am getting anxious.

Will i get the toy?

Stay Tuned!


There is no reason good enough for Cheating

What is cheating in a relationship/marriage?

Shared by Phillip Mudavanhu

Cheating doesn’t mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting texts and e-mails so your partner wont see them, you are already there. Its like a cancer it develops slowly but you will surely feel the pain when its fully grown. The funny thing is most of the times, people try to find what they already have because they don’t just appreciate what they have. Remember the grass may look green on the other side but what if you could just invest time and energy by watering the one that you have. Wouldn’t the world be a better place to be today?

Can you imagine how strong your relationship would be if you would not waste your energy, resources and time on things that have no future. Secret, small, hidden relationships are like ticks they suck all the good things out of your marriage or relationship and makes it unstable. it will take you more effort to repair what you would have damaged and the sad thing is sometimes those wounds might never heal.

Now with these so called social networks (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Gtalk, iChat and many other platforms)- so many marriages and relationships are being damaged behind the scenes. Have you ever calculated the time that you invest in these social networks? What if that time can be used to promote those areas that you are struggling? Evaluate what the gain and losses that you have at the end of the day because in every conversation its either you are gaining or you are losing?

Stop sexting and flirting with those people- Yes you know them. Imagine your partner (Husband/wife) reading the messages that you receive, would he/she reply with a free heart on your behalf???? If the answer is NO, then that is an unhealthy chat/ talk that you are having Stop it before its too late. Some mistakes will cost you for a life time yet you could have just avoid them by just ignoring that chick/ dude who now loves you because you have been turned into a better ‘asset’ by your current partner. Where were they when you were struggling?

Please may you all get rid of all the parasitic relationships that will always be a treat to your relationships’ healthy. Fight for what is right and never give up on the one you Love. Yes l said health because you have to know and take care of it just like your body. Love it as you love your body, maintain it as you maintain your skin, teeth, hair and nails. True love means hard-work. Do not apply if you are not prepared to take the risks. Stay out for a relationship if you still want to fool around (but that has its own price) because a relationship calls for great deal of commitment.

Most of the young people think that they will start being faithful when they get married- Word of Advise (You can never teach an old dog new tricks) That is why they are so many broken familes because people think they still have time to adjust. Start practicing being true to yourself when no one is watching because that’s who you really are. Besides its by nature that what goes around comes around- Do you think the person that you got out of a secret affair will stop just because you are now with her/him?


*The above article is not written by me. It is a worthy read i got from Fb. Original source is from Here



Your setback is a setup from Above

555775_10151497099587008_1422422149_nI have been thanking God how HE took away worthless habits and people from me. I think it has been a year plus and time really flies.
I came a long way and looking back, i am relieved i went through and walked past all those rocky paths.
Ready for new ‘set ups’ and is embracing every moment. Challenges, Blessings, bring it on~

Friends, today i realised something. I think i havent been a risk taker for very long. There is an aspect in my life which i do not dare to risk Anymore.
I guess i will find  that courage when i need to.

Before that, i have been discouraging people, not that i want them to be as timid like me, but i care for these people and i do not want to hear another sad story because it is not worth the risk- so i thought.

But now, i see them happy after taking up the challenge and it seems like the challenge was totally worth taking up.
I do not have that courage yet, perhaps when i do, i will let you know.

As for you, i urge you to take up  that challenge you are facing, and take the risk. If you fail, look above. Above the sky and think of the Creator, not my blogpost. HAHA.
Nah, look above these words too, you will know why your setback is not that bad afterall.

Without risking, and being contented and giving in to anything but your own wishes and wants, is just plain stupid-at least to me.
You own your life Although your parents gave it to you. But, it is given to you, isnt it? So it is yours already.

God gave your life and through your parents, you are here. Agree? No? Then dont read on anymore. Ha.

So, take charge of your life and love your parents, family and frens, take their advices and MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION.
Nobody should make any decision for yourself.

Reason why i include this part is because, i know people who make their decision because of others (i was like that in the past and sometimes i commit that mistake now)
Whether the ‘others’ here means friends, gf/bf or parents, it doesnt matter.
It is the same – not logical and totally wasteful. There is only 1 thing in the end- live to regret.

So, anyway, just to be an encouragement to readers today as i was kinda told to be, cherish what you have now, your pretty hair, goodlooks, good body, health, wealth, friendships, family, career ETC. For what you do not have, dont worry, all you have to do is to work on it. Fail to? Dont give up, and that setback will be a setup for you.

If my setback is so Shitty and i am seeing how it is a setup for me now, why not you?
I aint any more special than you.
We are on the same boat – Life

Bruno Mars – Moonshine


MJ fans love or hate it.
It is not MJ, we get it.
But we cant deny the nostalgic feeling about it/ we get from it.






Happy Valentines 2013 (edited and updated)

Happy Loves Day!

Cliche as it sounds, everyday is Valentines if you are with the right person.

I was once pampered by flowers and expensive gifts on Vday.

Needless to say, it was happiness. But i was wrong. Because you wouldnt wana noe what happen on the rest of the days.

Thank God is over and for Vday this time round, i thank God i do not have to be happy only on 1 day and cry for the rest of the days.

Happy Valentines to the lovebirds out there, to my family, to my frens, Gary and 7, and those whom i love (and love me) !







They are lovely. Thank you.
I mean, they are still pretty despite –

(15th Feb ’13)

So, how was your Vday? Hope you had a great one ya. I am sneezing non stop now and i am praying that i am not falling sick!
Church service tmr and i cant wait, i seriously cant wait 🙂

The recent tv programmes have been talking about Zodiac signs and i was told that it is a very bad year for Ox this year, in terms of Career, Health, Wealth or R/s.
It is damn funny la, the person who talk about it was a famous Fengshui Master and he is not only famous for Fengshui but recently, he made it to the headlines for not only 1 day but 2 days of adultery and scandalous case.
So…m i suppose to believe this guy or wad?

But, him aside, the other Fengshui Masters also said that it is a bad year for OX (my Zodiac sign is Ox, yah go and work out how old am i. haha)

I have to admit, i feel alittle disappointed because i have alot of wishes and desires, and new plans this year.
Then, after just a few seconds, i ‘woke up’ and wanted to slap myself hard. I mean…no offence to anybody, but how can my life be controlled by any human’s talking?

Surely, i can control my own life. I can work it out, to be better or worse. Surely, there is a God that control my life and i do not believe just because i am born in certain year (that makes me a certain Zodiac Sign), i am ‘fated’ to be in good or bad luck the entire year.
Who else shares the same Zodiac as me? I have no idea, maybe a million, billion or zillion of people.

I am not going into religion now, i am just making a neutral stand. All these crap talks that acts as entertainment, might have various effects on us human leh. I think audiences have to be educated to take all these ‘info’ with a pinch of salt.
Being a staunch Christian, even i (nearly) got fooled into it,  i remember that i was thinking this to myself even “Omg. Thats it, my major plan with Sis is gona be put off. I will lose money. Thats it.”

Omg. Feel like slapping myself again.

Well, you know how well media and entertainment works. It really drills into you if you are not careful with it.

Anyway, thats just my random ramblings. I am feeling damn sleepy and i have to jog tonight. OMG – should i take a nap and then go jog in the midnight? I am so  tired!!! Feel like swimming again. Its been sometime but i hate public swimming pools and i dont stay in a condo. So. Hmm…

Friends with swimming pools! Anyone?

This is another random mention. But check this out:


Funny or what? The person searched for “Happy Valencia’s Day” on 14th Feb- Valentines Day.

Just fyi, WordPress has this Statistic thingy which you can see how many views you have, “who” (from which country) clicked into your blog, and what keywords did the people search (on Google, on Yahoo and other Search Engines) and eventually land on your blog.

Why so funny and weird 1 huh? Who r u? Why you search such thing? Why you search such thing on Valentines Day?
You love me so much meh? HAHAHA

I was quite amused when i see this because i didnt thought of Vday as Valencia Day. AHAH. Whoever you are, please pm me, babe or dude, i think i wana know you. SERIOUS! You so funny la, and innovative. Thanks for labeling 14th Feb as Valencia Day. I will remember FOR LIFE. hahaha.

But again, it might be for another Valencia. There are so many Valencia-s on earth. Haha.

Ok, time for the mandatory picture to give thanks to the sender. Thank you for the flowers, they are not the usual ones i always get, roses, lilies…wadever. And is very CNY feel cos is very red. haha. But you know, i dont think it is appropriate for me to mention names, so you know i am thanking you lah. And you do mean more than the flowers. I cherish our friendship as much as you do. 🙂

To Friendship!


p/s: i never know and i will never know someone like you ever again. Because nobody loves Nokia phones like you do. SERIOUSLY -_-. ahhahaha

Also to those that invited me for dinner or hang outs, sorry but i am really not in the condition to date now. Not flaunting  here, but i dont feel comfy and i think i ought to apologise, for the long delayed dinner dates.
(and when i say ‘those’, it is not like ALOT of ppl la. It is that few friends)

Alright. Eyes closing.

Till the next post, God Bless.


Valliez Lesley

Happy Lunar New Year 2013

Took this collage because of the Good Hair day i had. Quite rare.

Happy Lunar New Year, to all my asian friends! 大地万象更新!身体健康,万事如意!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as i did.

For me, CNY is more like more days to sleep in, and of course, the festival means alot to me because i am a Chinese.

I didnt go visiting with friends, neither did i club/pub hop like the past, i mainly stick to my family this CNY.

Guess it is the age. -_-

Ayte, my Chu 1 wasnt really a happy one, small hicupps at home and arguments on the day 1 of CNY. Kinda disappointed and upset but the next 2 days were alright. We spent the day together and things were cool.

I realise that i get very agitated easily recently, i mean..i am really very quick tempered but am extremely peckish these few weeks.
I do not know whats wrong but there is no peace in my heart.

It has been sometime since i last had this uneasy, not-peaceful feeling in me. I wonder why isit back again.

Guess i need some alone time with God. Dont laugh! Because thats my only way. I myself have no idea where that feeling comes from, i do not know how to address it. I guess He knows well.

Super slack now and honestly do not have much to write, pictures do the talking!


I love this forever 21 simple top. Wore it for Reunion Dinner.


IMG_20130209_14slacking with sis and mum watching lotsa shows on some scv cable channels. Major loves. The Mediacorp channels are as usual, disappointing.

IMG_20130210_3 IMG_20130210_4 IMG_20130210_5 IMG_20130210_6 IMG_20130210_7 IMG_20130210_8 IMG_20130210_10 IMG_20130210_13 IMG_20130210_14 IMG_20130210_15Thats CNY 1. No choice but to wear Red, not that i hated it.

IMG_20130211_1 IMG_20130211_4 IMG_20130211_5 IMG_20130211_8
IMG_20130211_231835Red no more. But to make up for it, Red Earrings.


.IMG_20130211_142436 IMG_20130211_143401Random self-made brunch.

IMG_20130212_005451 IMG_20130212_021205Usual Cny treats that makes 1 loses discipline.
Not the orange thou. The Orange has mould and the Chinese says “发霉”
As The Chinese pronounciation of  发 rhymes with the same 发 as “发财” – Prosperity in wealth.
We say it is a sign of Prosperity. Haha.

IMG_20130211_192006Random Andy Lay Concert on Cable again. 


Slacking with Mum with the bottle that Sis bought. We love Moscato and we eat Loveletters with it.
For Foreign friends, love letters is as below:

normal_Traditional_Rolled_Love_Letter_BiscuitsDont ask me why isit call Loveletter. I really have no idea.
Perhaps the ‘prints’ on the cookie itself and how it is rolled up like letters?

IMG_20130212_4 IMG_20130212_3Day 3 of Cny. Dress down mode, no visiting at Granny’s because it feels like crappy Sunday.
Back to work the next day. SIGH.

IMG_20130212_9 IMG_20130212_7 IMG_20130212_6With Mum and Sis @ Parkway. Had our usual Indo food at Kartini Indo Rest
(the food there is pretty decent! Quantity is very little, suitable for people who are on diet like me. haha)




Some updates on my skin after approximately 1 month use of Hada Labo and i guess this is the best it can ever go.
I combined with the Moisturizing cream and till date, the dryness did not really bother me.
Except at times, i still feel tiny bit of dryness. But other than that, is all good. Feedback from friends are good.
Guess that’s enough. I am trying their anti-ageing lifting cream soon. Hopefully better results.
IMG_20130212_1Aiyo, very ugly. haha.
Naked face. But can you see the glow?? They are not oil please. 

This pic is taken right after shower. 
I am going to slp right after this shot, no filter, no edit, totally raw.
So you can see the real result.
I duno if this is good skin but i like it la.  Might not match up with your expectation but i feel is enough for me!

p/s: I also enrolled for a Qigong class at the nearby CC. I decided to be a budget seeker as paying $130 monthly at True Fitness doesnt sound very logical to me. Although the environment, equipments and courses are more in varieties and most probably better and more enriching …But i dont believe in spending to exercise.
Of cos, my Qigong class is Not Free. But it is not as expensive. It is affordable and i hope, it is worth it as well lah.

Starting next Wed! I wanted to take up Zumba and Aerobics but the timing clashes with my schedules. 😦
They have Zumba on Sundays and by right i can make it, but they are already half way tru the lessons, i wil definitely enrol when the next class starts.
As for Aerobics, it is on every Thurs and i have Cell Group on Thurs. 😦  Maybe in the future if there is any chance.
Next class i am interested in is Chanbara! You can read more on Chanbara Here , it is very fun and interesting, i think? I am sure this will be my next class after Qigong.

Ok, so it seems like i am ‘forced’ to choose Qigong. But again, i do not  mind except that i will most probably be the youngest in the class (not a bad thing at all). I might be loved by many uncles and aunties OR they might just brush me aside because i am the odd 1. I dont mind either. haha. I just wana experience the good that Qigong brings.
As far as i know, Qigong is a great sport and it is similar to Chinese Yoga!
Read more about Qigong here.

Credits to and

Excited already! Will update on the class!

Meanwhile, i miss Church already. 2 weeks away from church due to CNY and cant wait to get the fresh words again.
Till the next post!

Pre CNY updates 123



I hope i haven’t been away for too long, and i hope my post will not be so long like the previous one this time. haha!

Y is the title Pre Cny updates 123 you ask, it is as it is! 123 is the 123th post of this blog! Hurhur

CNY is coming, i hope you have done the necessary shopping, clothes, food, whatever. I am not gonna do any intro because if you haven’t do any shopping for the above, u r quite screwed. HAHA no lah, kidding!

You can still rush to Chinatown for the food, just that it is more expensive now and it might not taste as good as it is more mass. Dont know about you, i usually do not trust variety in mass quantity.

As for clothes, i don’t know how to help you but pray hard the blogshops or e-commerce shops you patronize do meet-ups. Or, just rush to the infamous Bugis St, Far East, Forever 21, Zara, Mango and ETC lah. Is too last minute already.

For me, i don’t care. As mentioned, CNY is an excuse for my shopping spree, but i can actually shop anytime lah, so i didnt really bother to buy ALOT of clothes this year, mostly office wear or mre formal wear, for work. I don’t think i will be hanging out during CNY because i only have Granny to visit, and friends are all visiting their own families.

BUT, i still look forward to CNY because i like, because i am a Chinese.
As Ps Kong mentioned “alot of people actually ask if Christians celebrate CNY since we seem to be the Westernized batch that worship a ‘Western God’ ?”
I share the same answer as Ps Kong “Yes we do and we LOVE CNY because we are Chinese! It has ntg to do with our beliefs. Also, we believe Jesus isnt just a Western God. He is God. Period”
Thus, we also mean that we will never forget our roots, and in general, we cannot forget our roots, no matter what religion 1 choose to believe in.

Of course i heard of the myth and all about “过年” and the myth about the monster “年” (the monster’s name) and how CNY is related to it (Christians are not supposed to hmm, how do i put it…believe? worship? associate? with such symbolic erm..figure?)

But whatever. Lets be discerning, smart Christians.
Well, i believe it is a myth (that monster story), and it is like any fairytale, so i personally feel it has ntg to do with me being a Christian Chinese, celebrating CNY.
So i am cool and i still love and njoy CNY 🙂

Anw, do allow me to say this, i love Ps Kong. He will never make me feel i am in a rigid and unreasonable place. (thats him, not meaning the place is perfect with perfect ppl. if you get my drift)
I remember going to other churches that forbid this and that.
I mean, cmon, we are all human, as long as we know what we are doing is not harming ourselves or others, y not?
I am glad i do not need to feel restricted and Mummy also appreciates this.

I have ntg much to update basically. I thought i updated quite a bit in the previous entry. Perhaps i can add in some photos this time for the past events.

Mum looks much younger and better now. Omg Mum, pls stop going to the $10 aunty hairdressers. I told her so many times but she just couldn’t be bothered with her looks and thus looking not so pleasant because she always patronize those hairdressers that cant be bothered/dont know how to make 1 look better.

I did a slight wave perm to my hair because the straight hair is pissing me off daily. It looks very nice only on  good-STRAIGHT hair days.
On most of the days, it is not. It curls up and i am tired of blowing the hair straight because it is rather stubborn.
Thus, i just perm it. Koreanish kinda perm, you may beg to differ but is ok, i like it. Haha.




Mum looks better right!
She looks too cute.

I do miss my straight hair though 😦

Then i also met up with Zen, my very good friend, we last met up 2 or 3 years ago. Goodness. It was fun, though i do not know his friends prior to that night.

Spent the weekend celebrating Sis’s bday, some Family time over weekend. Honestly, i haven’t been feeling too good recently. I cant help feeling sad and bad because i seem to be shouting at Mum more often recently. Like a parent that couldn’t control herself, i tend to scold my Mum whenever she forgets stuff, or say something that sounds absurd. Because Mum is a very conservative Chinese woman, she do not know how to express herself. She is not highly educated too, thus she always express herself wrongly and trust me, it can be very frustrating whenever she does  that, especially at the wrong time.

IMG_20130203_38 IMG_20130203_39 IMG_20130203_7 IMG_20130203_8 IMG_20130203_10 IMG_20130203_11 IMG_20130203_12

IMG_20130203_6 Just a note, i lost faith in those food bloggers’ reviews. because despite the much ravings (especially from that famous youknowhofoodblogger), Royal China @ Raffles is so-so only  for their DimSum. 
Dont get me wrong, it is definitely nice and decent. i will give it a 7.5/10 but the ravings were exaggerated, and i expect it to be 8 or 9.

IMG_20130203_25 HAPPY BDAY to my beloved Sister. Stay Healthy, Safe in your coming in and going out, be Blessed by Jesus, and of cos, Pretty lah! 🙂IMG_20130203_26 IMG_20130203_29 Hope Mum loves the gift 🙂 – from sis and meIMG_20130203_30 IMG_20130203_31

@ Royal China@Raffles, Canele-Raffles City

But it is NOT her fault. I should be more understanding, and patient. But i didn’t and i am extremely disappointed with myself. I managed to be nicer to her for a period of time (without all the shouting) but i am back to being mean again.

Of course, i will hug her and apologize and sms her all my apologies and she will stare at me, smile and then say: I keep quiet and let you scold, let you reflect yourself.
Awww. Mum is so so so best, she is the best on earth and no 1 can compare to her. NOBODY.
I love her and sometimes, i will think like a child and hope that she lives forever, and i live forever, not for myself, but to be with her. I love her so much.

I tell myself, i HAVE TO and i WILL BE nice to her from now on and STOP SHOUTING at her. I pray and i pray that i can LOVE her all i can and give her the best of me beside showering her with $ or gifts….:)

Anyway, lemme update on the Face lotion i was talking and raving about previously.

Since it is my own opinion and Review, it is Not paid– i can be blatantly honest! Wee~
It turns out that Hada LaBo is still very effective after approx 1week to 2 weeks of usage.
However, it is not as magical as what i raved about anymore.
On nights that i didn’t really use it, the flaky problem comes back the very next day.

Sometimes, i still feel that my skin is way too dry till it is so tight. I do not know how botox makes 1 feel because i have not try it but i hope it doesn’t feel as tight as i feel (sometimes). The feeling is not comfy nor pleasant. My face was so dry that whenever i yawn or even wen i don’t  i can feel the tightness across the whole face. It is not the feeling of ‘firmness’. It is just…Dry.

Sigh. And i thought i found the savior water that can help my skin…

But to be fair, it does help me to stop my flaky skin problem. Just that, it is not Divine, not permanent. You have to keep using it if you want your result. Actually, every other product works this way too isn’t it? Is there any product that works miraculously, that will give you the perfect smooth skin after just a few apply?
I am just disappointed because during the 1st 3 days, i can expect and i see/feel the  silky smooth skin even if i miss using it for 1 night.  But later on, i realize that i have to apply it day and night in order to ‘retain‘ that silky smooth effect.

As i said, this is normal isn’t it? If a product requires just a few applies and works forever, the company of the product will be darn stupid. haha.
Oh, i heard that S_** is worse, i heard it gives you crazy outbreak the moment you stop using it. Wonder how true it is but i am not ready to spend that amount to risk finding out.

So, i would say,  Hada Labo is still good, i will give it 7.8/10 at this moment.

I recently added the Hydrating cream to the skin regime. I also got the Hada Labo Cleanser (supposed to moisturize as you wash).
The cream is supposed to ‘lock up the ocean’, basically locking the ‘moist and hydrated  condition’.
I just started and today is Day 1. I cant guarantee any results now as it is only 1 day. But at this stage, the face is VERY smooth and nothing else.
It is JUST VERY SMOOTH. Also, the glow is very obvious, before and after putting on cosmetic  it is the same, glowy and i have people complimenting that i appear to be very ‘glowy’ now. (it might also be because that i do not smoke now)

I will post some pictures of me without make up, you can judge yourself. They are not filtered and needless to say, not photoshopped (i dont know for hw many times must i say i dont know PS)

IMG_20130130_4 IMG_20130130_1 IMG_20130130_2 IMG_20130130_3

Alright, tts all for the skin, btw, my FB is back. But i am not checking it regularly and religiously like the past. I reckon i need a FB afterall, to keep myself updated about stuff happening around me, the news and trends (you get the fastest updates in FB than in forums). As i am planning something with Sis, i thought i might as well just retain the FB and since i dont really log in, doesnt matter.


But i am active in Twitter and Insta! Here also! 😀 Hurhur~

Ok, I guess thats quite enough for a mini update. It turns out that i wrote more than i thought i would. Updated about what i have been doing recently, my family, and some humble opinions of the skin regime. Thats enough, more next time!

An Advance Happy Lunar New Year to all Chinese Readers! May this New Year shower you with Prosperity and Good Health.
Blessed CNY!:)

Lotsa Love,


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